Bush Fair councillor pays tribute to former leader Jon Clempner

Politics / Sun 21st Jan 2018 at 01:19pm

A LEADING Harlow Labour councillor has paid tribute to the work of former leader Jon Clempner, who quit both as leader and as a councillor.

Bush Fair councillor, Ian Beckett said: “Ian Hudson, of Harlow Chamber of Commerce reasonably comments on social media “Is it my imagination or has there been a deafening silence from Harlow Labour Councillors since the resignation of Jon Clempner?

“Not even a “thanks for all you have done for the town” tweet.”

Cllr Beckett continued: “I cannot allow that to go unanswered. The first words that spring to mind are ‘Shock and Awe’. Shock that Jon stood down and awe at the work he did and the legacy he leaves behind. “A tough act to follow” is the understatement of understatements and anyone who thinks the months ahead will be easy is in cloud cuckoo land.

I’m delighted and a little jealous to see that Jon is using his new found “free time” to immerse himself in one of his greatest passions. The community of Harlow.

Jon sets the bar high and isn’t always the easiest of people to work with. I say that from experience. His commitment, tenacity, and unwavering loyalty to our town – always first and foremost – will be missed.

“I am grateful for everything Jon has done as a Councillor and Leader of the Council and I know my feelings are shared by a great number of ordinary Harlow citizens.

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2018-01-21 14:05:00

How many more mis-guided individuals remain on Harlow Council ? Nobody can deny that for the Leader?, to walk away from his elected position without a coherent explanation and reason, sets minds whirring as to why. Answers to; @yourharlow. Trust LABOUR at your PERIL.

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