Harlow UKIP call for By-Election

Politics / Mon 22nd Jan 2018 at 11:12am

UKIP Harlow

THE CHAIRMAN of Harlow UKIP, Martin Harvey, has delivered a letter to Brian Keane, Acting Managing Director and Returning Officer for Harlow District Council.

This letter, signed by Cllr. Bill Pryor (UKIP Harlow Council Group Leader) and Mark Gough (UKIP Parliamentary Candidate) calls for a By Election to be called for the Little Parndon and Hare Street Ward following the resignation of Council Leader and Ward Councillor Jon Clempner.

Mark said: “It is always sad when a councillor chooses to resign before their term is up, and even sadder when that is someone who has served our Town with the distinction of Jon. It has not been made clear why he has taken this action, but naturally if it is for family or health reasons – we in UKIP wish Jon and his family well and a speedy recovery/improvement .

However, it seems that this has more to do with the internal disputes within the Labour Party, and the rise and appearance of a Harlow Momentum Branch. If so, we suspect that this will not be the only resignation we should expect in the coming months, if the actions of other Momentum Branches such as Haringey have shown.”

Mark went further: “If this is more about the internal disputes in Harlow Labour Party – then they should be ashamed of themselves for leaving the people of Little Parndon and Hare Street short of Councillors, and Harlow Council short of an Elected Leader. It is also surprising that they have not acted to produce a letter such as this to put right the mess they have created.”

Harlow UKIP also announce that they have selected their candidate for this By Election when it is called – and that will be Patsy Long.

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2 Comments for Harlow UKIP call for By-Election:

2018-01-22 11:59:46

Well done them. I am amazed it has taken so long. You could even be forgiven for thinking there was some sort of agreed inaction. They forget who they work for!

2018-01-24 01:50:40

Well, by next month Ukip will have yet another leader. It will be interesting to see how little time it takes the new one to be embroiled in a racist comments scandal. One only has to listen to Nigel Farage's plans to restructure Ukip to realise that party democracy is not on the agenda. Apparently, having an elected NEC is an obstacle to the glorious leader doing exactly as he or she pleases. Lessons from history teaches us that political leaders with unbridled power is not a good idea.

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