Labour anger after Church Langley candidate “barred” from meeting

News / Tue 30th Jan 2018 at 08:00am

Jake Shepherd 2

A LABOUR candidate for the Church Langley ward at the May local elections has claimed he was barred from a community meeting by Tory councillors.

The meeting was advertised in the January edition of CM17 Magazine as a “Church Langley Neighbourhood Meeting”.

These monthly meetings are organised by the local Conservative councillors for the benefit of residents of Church Langley.

Labour candidate Jake Shepherd said: “When I read about the meeting in CM17 Magazine I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn about the issues facing Church Langley residents and to introduce myself if the opportunity arose.

“There was no mention of it being a closed meeting and so I presumed there would be no problem if I attended.

“I had no intention of imposing myself on proceedings or of using the meeting to campaign. That said, I think people rightly see it as the responsibility of candidates to get out and about.

“I was very surprised when Cllr Carter told me I could not attend the meeting on the basis that it was ‘not political and only for residents of Church Langley’.

“If that was the case, what were he and Cllr Tony Hall doing there? Neither of them live in Church Langley.

“Furthermore, I was surprised that Cllr Carter said the meeting had been organised with the church as if this was a reason for me not to attend.

“I cannot believe the church would be happy about people being denied access to an open public meeting held on their premises.

“I’d like to apologise to any of the meeting attendees who felt uncomfortable about the situation that arose last night and express my thanks to those who showed me support when I was asked to leave.

“I will be out with other Labour Party members canvassing and leafleting in Church Langley regularly between now and May 3rd and I look forward to meeting local residents as I do so. On Saturday February 10th at 2pm we will be out in Coalport close.

“I can also be contacted through the Harlow Labour Party Facebook page.”

Church Langley councillor, Simon Carter said: “Mr Shepherd is not a Church Langley resident nor a representative of any organistion to do with Church Langley.

“He also upset the Vicar by trying to politicise the meeting”.

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5 Comments for Labour anger after Church Langley candidate “barred” from meeting:

2018-01-30 09:00:40

The whinging schoolboy should get his facts right before he starts spouting the usual clap-trap that he's obsessed with. He has no standing in Church Langley, nor anywhere else in 'arlow. Unless he's having difficulty in recognising whose who, Hall and Carter are Councillors. Maybe it was a meeting for local Tory residents, and, did he just wander along ? He needs to get some whiskers on his chin and mature a bit. Back to school. LABOUR at your PERIL.

2018-01-30 09:34:40

Dry your eyes! To me this reads "momentum activist fails to gate crash meeting" The meeting appears to have been hosted by elected representatives of a ward for residents of that ward. You are neither!

Jake Shepherd
2018-01-30 10:10:36

Hi Carra, I'm not a member of momentum, but I am proud to be a member of the Labour Party and a committed candidate for Church Langley. I am glad that the Conservative Councillors host these ward surgeries and I was more than happy to circulate this opportunity on to local Labour members. From the notice advertising the meeting in CM17 (which covers more than just Church Langley), there was no suggestion that the meeting was closed or private at all, and it was unfortunate that I couldn't pass on concerns that residents has told me. If you have any issues you'd like to raise, or if you'd like to learn more about myself and why I am standing again in Church Langley, then don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] Best, Jake Shepherd Labour Candidate for Church Langley

Jake Shepherd
2018-01-30 10:23:32

Hi Micky, The article and my reply to Carra outlines the situation quite clearly, so I won't write that out again. I didn't simply wander along, but clearly there was a misunderstanding on my part as to the format of the meeting. I am sorry to hear that you don't feel that I have any standing in Church Langley or Harlow. If I may, perhaps I can change your mind on that one. Having been born in Harlow and since growing up near The Stow, I have always tried to get involved with the local community. Until fairly recently I was a regular volunteer at Herts and Essex Community Farm at Fold Croft, and I was glad to have been involved in helping run Farm Fest last year and the year before. Do pay a visit if you can spare the time as its a great community asset. In 2016 I contested the Church Langley ward as Labour's candidate, and I am glad to have the opportunity this year to build on previous progress and prove to residents that it is worth having a committed and driven Labour Councillor in their local area. I am currently a community member of the pre-opening Local Advisory Board (LAB) for Sir Frederick Gibberd College, a new secondary school and sixth form that will open in 2019, and which I hope will serve Church Langley's school leavers post-16. If you have any issues you’d like to raise, or if you’d like to learn more about myself and why I am standing again in Church Langley, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] Best, Jake Shepherd Labour Candidate for Church Langley

2018-01-31 07:46:17

I asked you once, about the rail strikes and if you supported the strike action. As of yet, no response. Obviously you're very selective about what you choose to comment on. Why do you think that you should be allowed to attend a forum that the Tories have organised, for locals ? Also, what's your take on the mess that labour councillors have caused in 'arlow re; the CLEMPNERS ? VOTE labour at your PERIL. Nail on the head carra.

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