Letter to Editor: The new roads set for Harlow

News / Sun 4th Feb 2018 at 01:11pm

Second Road


ON 25 January Harlow Council at last produced its “Harlow Local Development Plan” which outlines it’s vision for future development in Harlow and includes a list of 21 sites which it believes should be designated for future housing development. This document was amongst an agenda which ran to hundreds of pages and was almost impossible to find on the Council’s website. The document includes a policy map which shows that a new road is being proposed which will slice in half the “green wedge” which runs from the roundabout in front of The Leisurezone, past the old Passmores School, run behind Barn Mead and Five Acres, to the side of The Latton Bush Centre and on to Commonside Road.

The document notes that many offices have recently been converted to homes but goes on to say that this windfall in terms of new homes created cannot be counted on and should not be included in the target number of homes required in the future. The simple fact is, that with the best part of a thousand new homes having been created in Harlow in the last two or three years, the strain on public services, congestion on the roads etc are a material fact and cannot be ignored or discounted.

To date nothing has appeared on the Council’s website about how residents can comment about these plans.

It is no co-incidence that the Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) has been formed at the same time that these plans have been produced. Harlow Council has already shown a complete lack of regard to the residents of Harlow by not making these plans more public. It could for example have used it’s quarterly magazine Harlow Times to publicise it’s intentions but has chosen not to do so. HAP has already been speaking to residents who will be most affected by these plans to ensure their voice is heard and will be making a formal submission to Harlow Council

Nicholas Taylor
Harlow Alliance Party

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