Harlow Tories on Essex County Council explain why they voted for council tax hike

Politics / Wed 14th Feb 2018 at 05:14pm

TWO of the Harlow Conservative councillors who represent the town on Essex County Council have explained why they voted for a (close to) 6% council tax hike.

The decison was made in Chelmsford on Tuesday afternoon and will now see the average Band D household will pay £1,222.77 per year from from April, an increase of £58.

Cllr Mike Hardware said: “The increase was a difficult decision for the council considering it had been frozen on five of the past eight years. But pressures on the council are well known, in particular growing social need and on highways.

Mike Hardware

“The increase is to ensure delivery of services in the coming years. As well as other investments, the budget includes £126m into major road schemes and an additional £3m set aside for potholes and footpath repairs.

“Works in Harlow include the new Junction 7a on the M11 and associated works on Gilden Way, and the current upgrade works on Edinburgh way

Councillor Clive Souter said: “Council tax has not been increased for seven years.

“I am happy with more money going to social care and the money to repair potholes and footpaths,both of these are ring fenced

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3 Comments for Harlow Tories on Essex County Council explain why they voted for council tax hike:

2018-02-15 09:19:47

Due to the increase in Council tax again, Makes a change that this time it hasn't come from the the LabourAdministrating party It will probably be the same old situation where everyone pays but no one will see an improvement in services. Households are being squeezed to the point, of which household bill do they prioritize first. I see the council tax as a unfair and unjust tax. We as residents would like to see a service for what we pay. What is the money going to, to maintain our roads, because it certainly isn't good quality materials they use on the roads. Why is it that some boroughs which are a bit more wealthier they only pay £40.00 more for a band C or D property, where as out in Harlow we only get a fortnightly collections for the refuse and the lights were switched off for sometime a few years ago. If we weren't paying £57 million a day to the EU which 17.4 million voted to leave then there wouldn't be a need to increase the Council Tax.

2018-02-15 14:16:07

Let's if the Conservatives administration party of Essex county council stick to their pledges when it comes to the 4.99% increase in council tax which they have just announced, let's see if is going to go towards the likes of repairing the Roads and footpaths in Harlow, let's see if it does go towards home and school improvements. The residents of Harlow must be fed up with the Harlow Labour administration party and the Conservative Essex county council administration party putting the council Tax up between alternatively and not seeing any improvements in the services they are receiving because I know I am. The amount times the counci tax has been increased since 2012, forget about the likes of the road and pavements be up to standard, forget about the schools and houses getting improvements, the properties of Harlow should have gold roof tops on them. So let's see where this increase in council tax goes and let's see if it does go towards the services of Harlow which the two main parties have been saying it goes towards, for the past 6 years.

2018-02-15 14:21:57

One insult after another. I do hope that those names in the Panama and Paradise Paper who avoid tax in this country will also be called upon to pay their bit! Somehow, I doubt it.

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