Let’s Get Cooking at Stewards Academy

Education: Secondary / Fri 16th Feb 2018 at 10:48am

SELECTED students in year 7 at Stewards Academy get the opportunity to take part in ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ an enjoyable after-school club that runs on a weekly basis for a course of five weeks at a time.

The students gain knowledge and skills on how to cook a variety of dishes with a view to using these transferable skills at home. Once students have become confident in the kitchen they host a parent session where they can show off their skills and share a sample of their delights.

Some of the recipes students have learned to cook include; Ratatouille, homemade pizza, stir-fry and banana and raisin flapjack.

One student said: “I think that Let’s Get Cooking has been an amazing opportunity to learn how to cook things that you have never made before. I thought that it was also very good when you got to take home the food and share it with your friends and family.”

Another student said: “I liked Let’s Get Cooking because I learnt how to cook and what to do in the kitchen. I made new friends and I had a lot of fun.”

Sarah Davis, LGC co-ordinator, said “Let’s Get Cooking is a fabulous opportunity for our pupils to be able to create a healthy, tasty meal in our food technology department.

Cooking Stewards

They learn knife skills, chopping techniques and use a wide range of equipment in preparation of their creative dishes that they get to take home for family and friends to taste.”

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