Review: Cinderella at Magdalen Laver

Entertainment / Fri 16th Feb 2018 at 12:02pm

Review of Cinderella at the Magdalen Laver Village Hall

By Lynn Guyton

EVERY year the villagers of Magdalene Laver put on their own version of a popular pantomime. This year, they performed their version of Cinderella.

Attending the last night performance was an experience not to be forgotten. This amateur production saw both adults and children get up to all sorts of shenanigans. They never took themselves too seriously but aimed to entertain their local community.

From my understanding, the last night was not typical of the full run. Cast jokes and pranks were obvious throughout and the cast used the audience to support their humour.

I did feel sorry for Buttons, who did seem to be at the focus of most of the cast’s pranks but he seemed to take it all in his stride.

There was a truly local feel with the humour in this production, using members of the audience known to them as a butt of some of their jokes as well. The children in the show, particularly the dancers, showed great talent and professionalism.

With jokes were being played on the cast or audience by the adults, the children carried on as best they could. It was clear that the cast had great fun in performing and this was infectious to watch.

The cast’s costumes were superb and the set was extremely well made and painted for such an amateur production. Several songs were incorporated into the show, some sang to backing tracks and others accompanied by a pianist and a drummer. These live instruments added to the atmosphere of the evening and they were included into the show.

Their drummer was celebrating his 21st birthday that night and an ugly stepsister chose to embarrass him by making him wear a birthday hat and getting the audience sing happy birthday to him in the middle of the show.

Some very strange things happened during the evening including cast sipping drinks from the audience and the ugly sisters bringing out real fish in which to slap their cast members with. From the look on the cast’s faces, this was not expected and it was clear it was yet another prank for their last performance.

The acting and singing was really enthusiastic and we had a fun evening and laughed most of the night.

Cinders 3

Fairy G

Cinders 1It was a unique experience and I will certainly be going back next year.

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