Review: The Little Prince brings out big performances

Entertainment / Fri 16th Mar 2018 at 07:09am

The Little Prince

By Moot House Players

Little Prince

DESPITE The Little Prince being a book that has sold over 140 million copies since being published in 1943, it still felt like a brave decision by director William Tennison and the Moot House Players to put it on.

The story revolves around a pilot who crashes in the desert, meets “The Little Prince” who also seems to have fallen to earth. He tells of his journey to earth and the people he met.

It is part parable, part nursery rhyme. The challenge is to make it accesible to a 21st century audience.

It was a good idea to cast Jack Downey as The Aviator. Jack commands the stage and guides us through the story. An audience could get lost without such a commanding presence on stage.

There are a lot of characters throughout the play and each actor holds his and her own. It would be easy to overact and/or underperform but they all catch the tone perfectly. Each character, from The Conceited Man, The Snake to the Rose each performs with a subtlety but also a distincness that is a tribute to their skill.

Much praise must also go to Rebecca Fox who plays The Little Prince. On stage the whole time, Rebecca was word perfect and put in an assured performance that also gave a balance between the Little Prince’s naivety and wisdom.

This was a young cast so praise goes to Claudia Agnes, Daria Stoszek, Emma Soley, George Walton, Harry Burton, Isaac Verrall, Johnny Martin and Leo Sheppard.

The turntable stage was very effective as were the visuals. Great costumes and lighting.

This reviewer hopes they all got a taste for this. Moot House Players have introduced young blood in their ensemble and that can only be a good thing. There is a thriving creative communiyt in Moot House and across Harlow that is carrying on the town’s traditions.

Well done again to William and his team.

The Little Prince is on Friday and Saturday


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