Review: Entertaining Angels by The Heath Players

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Review of Entertaining Angels
By Richard Everett

The Heath Players at Hatfield Heath Village Hall
Friday March 16th

WHEN Entertaining Angels made it’s debut at the Chichester Festival in 2006, it starred Penelope Keith. In many ways the role of Grace feels like it was made for the Good Life star. That puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Simone Perry, who plays Gracce in this production directed by Mark Ratcliff.

Simone pull sit off with aplomb. This is a cracking play with a very funny and poignant script that fizzes with one liners as well as a number of emotional issues such as faith, doubt, fidelity and honesty.

Fron the monent Simone takes to the stage to discuss taking a hamster to the vet to the final moments,she dominates the stage. It is an english idyll with very english matters down by the river.

Simone is joined by three other actresses who intertwine seamlessly over the two hours that we were entertained by Entertaining Angels. The title may be a Rock Hudson reference and that might be a hint that some are not quite what they seem.

Vanessa Wood, Jaki Newman and Chrissie Waites all revolve around Simone and carve out their characters very well. Guilt-ridden Ruth, doubting Sarah and anxious Jo are all deftly played by the three actresses. The fact that Jaki was returning after fourteen years out and Chrissie was making her debut was a real surprise. They were both superb.

Vanessa was also a real anchor as a character. Somne roles are supportive but integral and vital.

We must also praise the producers. A lovely set that brings physically and metaphorically brings depth to the production. Nice sound effects as well. Mark Ratcliff’s direction made full use of the stage as well as full use of the characters. It would be easy to veer into farce but Mark’s directon is subtle and sympathetic.

Naturally, we must not forget the evergreen Steve Foster who brings both laughter and sadness to his portrayal of Bardy. There never seems to be a sub-par Steve Foster performance.

This reporter reviewed Moot House Players on Thursday, Heath Players on Friday and is off to Harlow Playhouse on Saturday. it is great to see theatre alive and well. We hope it gets all the encouragement (and that takes many forms) it deserves.

This reporter would also like to thank Heath Players who are always so welcoming and polite to the press.

The audience loved this production. There were genuine laugh out loud times on a number of occasions.

We were very entertained by the Heath Players who are approacing their

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