Harlow Labour hold pothole protest on Southern Way

News / Wed 28th Mar 2018 at 08:01am

HARLOW Labour members held a protest against the state of the potholes along Southern Way in Harlow.

From the Hamburger roundabout to Katherines Way, the long road has become devestated by potholes with many residents complainin gthat their cars have been damaged.

YH went down to interview the deputy leader of Harlow Council, cllr Mark Ingall and find a little bit more about protest.

Potholes 5

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6 Comments for Harlow Labour hold pothole protest on Southern Way:

2018-03-28 11:39:10

Labour councillors and supporters once again out in the community raising awareness and showing that they care about the issues affecting Harlow and the wider area. This is how you do positive politics, not smearing opponents with flimsy propaganda aided by allies with not so hidden agendas in the press. They're the only party you see actually out and about helping to make the town better.

2018-03-28 13:18:32

Whatever the local Tories (or the last cooling 'embers' of UKIP) have to say, it is Labour Councillors and Harlow Labour Party members trying to bring this issue to the fore. The Tory controlled Essex County Council are responsible for the condition of our local roads, not our Labour Council. You will hear that we are only active on local issues 'because there are local elections coming up'. But you will find that just as we did before the election period, we will continue to raise awareness of who is responsible for any shortcomings of local services or infrastructure. Campaigning against the Osler House closure, or putting on events and activities for the local community (film shows etc.) or protesting about potholes, is about exerting pressure to get things done. This is OUR HARLOW. People in the town can see who are trying to improve things locally, and who are doing absolutely nothing positive.

2018-03-28 20:56:03

I have been campaigning against potholes for years, long before i got involved in local politics and I agree, that the residents of Harlow deserve a better service when it Comes to the stat of our roads and pavements Why are councillors from the Harlow Labour administrating party making a big song and dance of them al of a sudden Why didn't they make a big thing of the pot holes in Harlow when they had three county councillors representing the residents of Harlow up until.last year. I know that Essex county council is conservative administrated but those three Labour party councillors were elected to be the voice of the residents of Harlow and was they, obviously not. That's the thing about this Labour administrating party and it's councillors, too quick to take the credit of the hard work from the councillors from the other parties, too quick to piont the finger at other parties councillors but to slow to own up to their own responsibility and weaknesses. Both the main parties should hold their heads in shame when it come to the lack of service that the Harlow residents have received from them both, despite paying astronomical council tax bills. Such as the maintenance of our roads and payments from the Conservative administrating Essex county council and the likes of grass and hedge trimming. Along with a lack street cleaning from the labour administrating Harlow district council. The residents of Harlow should have gold roof tops never mind top quality roads and pavements, For the amount council tax rises they have had to.put up with over the past 6 years.

2018-03-29 05:10:13

Harlow Labour's councillors are not suddenly asking a song and dance about anything, anyone that's even a little woke knows that they're out well nigh even every weekend and midweek talking to residents about just this sort of thing and putting pressure on ECC to get things done. Just because they're not all over the press and TV like the Robert Only Half-on Harlow's Side doesn't mean they're not working, though talk of affairs and not voting for pro LGBT+ legislation is presumably off topic for this particular media darling. Nobody likes paying council tax (thank the Tories for that one) but I believe it has been frozen in the budget this year along with a pot of a million quid to go towards improving neighbourhoods. The profits of HTS also go back into the town, 400k this year doncha know, so its what you do with the money that counts. And as for gold rooftops, where do you think you are, Chelmsford?

2018-03-29 11:25:26

Residential roads leading to the industrial estates is, and always will be a nightmare. Fifty ton, six axled vehicles in an out day and night delivering. Worst planning decision ever made. Wait until the heavy traffic starts moving into town from the new M11 junction, all the new development and the further planning will ensure that 'arlow will be a place to avoid.

2018-03-29 15:50:55

Where's Arlow? I've heard of Harlow. Is it near there?

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