Is this the last hurrah for UKIP in Harlow?

Politics / Sat 31st Mar 2018 pm31 03:23pm

ON Thursday night, UKIP councillor for Bush Fair, Dan Long rose on the floor of the chamber to contribute to the debate on potholes in Harlow.

This was the last council meeting before they all go away to fight the local elections. Cllr Long defends Bush Fair and cllr Bill Pryor defends Staple Tye.

Since the referendum, their vote around the country has fallen off a cliff, their national leadership has been a disaster and their finacial situation also seems dire.

In 2014, Harlow won five seats and certainly had the potential to shake up the council however, within six months, one councillor bowed up, forced a by-election in which their vote halved.

You had the feeling that even then, the people had had their say/ got it out of their system. Whatver “it” was.

So, now they are down to two councillors. You don’t have to be political soothsayer of the year to predict that they are on course to lose both seats.

And that may be the end of that. There are some former kippers in the newly formed Harlow Alliance Party, it is too early to tell whether they can flower into a successful “residents” party. Areas such as Loughton, Havering and Uttlesford have successful groups.

Harlow has had a long tradition of three party battles. At the moment, Labour may have a very successful night in Harlow on May 3rd and that may bring its own set of challenges.

So for now, cllr Dan, has had the last word. Who knows, he may retain his seat but as UKIP have struggled to get to three figures in recent by-elections, then the writing is on the wall. There are many Bush Fair ward residents who will miss him and we know there is work that goes on un-noticed.

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2018-04-02 10:54:40

Well said Cllr Long you are so right, Labour should be held accountable for the time they spent as County Councillors and did Jack about the Potholes, so why all of a sudden an interest on the subject now. Cllr Long has been on the case about the state of our roads long before he was elected as a District Councillor. So I suggest people keep their nasty opinions to themselves. I have more respect for Cllr Long, than I do for the left wing. So much for the Labour candidates being out and about? I haven't seen one as yet.

2018-04-04 17:38:29

Labour councillors are out nearly every weekend and midweek, check any of their Twitter timelines for evidence. When UKIP are wiped out on May 3rd, the chapter will be closed on a thankfully brief period of insanity in Harlow Council history.

2018-04-04 21:51:40

Is bowed over really an appropriate way to describe someone who stood down due to ill health? I notice nothing has ever been made of the total demise of the Lib.Dems in Harlow on this page from a high point of joint administration. Yet we in UKIP get attacked and derided despite a high of just five Councillors. No acknowledgement for being the only non big two party to ever win an election outright in Harlow as we did in 2014. No financial issues either - all sorted out - see Leader's statement on the website. In fact three times the target amount has been raised! We're going nowhere!!!

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