Roydon women’s fears over dismembered cat

News / Wed 4th Apr 2018 am30 10:56am

A ROYDON woman, who discovered the disfigured remains of her cat has said it is time the police took notice of the amount of cat disappearances in and around Harlow.

On the 24th March at 6pm Sandra Boylan began her search for Priscilla. At 5am she discovered her cat beside a railroad with her neck broken, her tail dismembered and her paws severely chewed.

Sandra said: “There are a lot of animals disappearing in Harlow. Lost and found groups on social media are full of missing pets, especially cats, and the police aren’t doing anything. Maybe if they had a register they could see patterns emerging. How many cats have to be killed before they take notice?”

Priscilla was named after the cult film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Priscilla was named after the cult film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Sandra has had four cats killed in the last four years, and feels that irresponsible dog owners are most likely to blame.

“I just don’t think people care anymore. People are reckless, especially those with little dogs. They think because they’re small they don’t have to train them. The attacks are clearly dog attacks. All four of the cats I’ve lost recently had collars and were micro-chipped. Why did no one inform me?”

Following official confirmation that Priscilla was the victim of a dog attack, Sandra’s thoughts understandably turned to the worst case scenarios.


Sandra said: “Its not crazy to remember that lots of people use cats in dog fights and baiting. I love animals, and i’ve been a vegetarian for 27 years. It’s sad to say but I just hope that her neck was broken first, and that whoever has done this feels some guilt.”

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