Robert Halfon pleased with money for Harlow schools

Education: Secondary / Mon 9th Apr 2018 pm30 04:12pm

AT the end of March, it was announced that seven schools in Harlow had succeeded in acquiring Condition Improvement Fund money.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon said; Congratulations to Latton Green Primary Academy, Abbotsweld Primary Academy, Longwood Primary Academy, Potter Street Academy, St Luke’s Catholic Academy, St Mark’s West Essex Catholic School and Jerounds Community Primary School.

“The £514 million investment forms part of the government’s plan to ensure that every child has the opportunity of a place at a good school, whatever their background.

“I look forward to seeing the completed projects”.

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3 Comments for Robert Halfon pleased with money for Harlow schools:

2018-04-09 16:29:54

Good for you, Bob. Are you also pleased with children putting school food in their pockets because your government has consigned them to desperate poverty? How about teachers having to buy students clothing and meals because their parents, many working, cannot afford it? While any money from this catastrophic Tory regime is welcome, it's crumbs from their table and Harlow needs an MP that takes on the real issues facing our schools.

m ingall
2018-04-09 16:58:12

Any extra cash for our schools is welcome, but will this make up for the loss of almost £500 per pupil for most secondary schools and almost £400 per pupil in primaries brought about by Tory budget cuts? And before the usual Tory apologists try out the old lie that "there are no cuts", basing their figures on core funding, a school's budget comes from numerous funding streams, and it is the non-core funding like pupil premium eligibility that has been slashed, leading to unsustainable overall cuts. Parents of children at Harlow's schools notice things like leaking roofs, holes in floors, temporary classrooms never being replaced with proper facilities, bigger class sizes, older text books, less special needs support and they are not easily fooled.

tony edwards
2018-04-12 08:18:27

The Condition Improvement Fund is for one off capital projects - specifically for improving buildings. And whist welcome it cannot be used for funding teachers or staff and does not in any way compensate for the under funding of school staff in their revenue budget. See link for information re under funding of Harlow Schools https://schoolcuts.org.uk/#!/schools?chosenSchool=8812116 Labour Candidate Toddbrook

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