Thin Blue Line: Why are Essex Police officers patrolling Trafalgar Square?

Politics / Mon 9th Apr 2018 pm30 12:27pm


ON A number of occasions, we have reported on the frustrations that residents across the borough have felt about the lack of policing in Harlow.

As we reported, on an evening in September, an Essex Police officer announced that there was just the one “warranted” officer patrolling Harlow

The lack of numbers appears to mean residents becoming very frustrated at a lack of coverage and then, at times, a lack of investigation, that is not the fault of those tat the coalface but more to do with the powers that cut the numbers.

There is also the ongoing problems with Terminus Street, Broad Walk and the Market Square that, many believe, is crying out for a uniform presence in the arera.

So, it may come as a disappointment to residents/taxpayers that it appears that police officers that could be deployed in Harlow are patrolling Trafalgar Square.

According to the tweet by Lord Harris they were there as part of Project Servator.


A few days ago, The Met Police announced that there would be 300 extra officers patrolling in London.

Many critics like to clarify that these officers are not “magicked” up from nowhere but will be officers having rest days cancelled and shifts extended.

Meanwhile, residents from Katherines to Potter Street continue to be frustrated with a lack of policing.

How many are now in London is a moot point. More than two?

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3 Comments for Thin Blue Line: Why are Essex Police officers patrolling Trafalgar Square?:

2018-04-09 13:49:59

Not relevant, it was six months ago, and if you believe the rubbish about one police officer left to police the town, I'm amazed.Probably a loony left insinuation !

tony edwards
2018-04-10 16:44:12

Micky - The "rubbish" you refer to was an article in Your Harlow http://www.yourharlow.com/2017/10/29/harlow-thursday-october-26th-one-police-officer-to-80000-people/ There has been a reduction of over 700 Essex Police Officers since 2010. The point Your Harlow makes in it's latest report is a perfectly valid one

tony edwards
2018-04-11 07:53:45

If people are really interested in what has happened to Police Budgets they might like to take a look at this link - It shows the overall reduction in Police numbers and the shift from central government funding to funding raised through local council taxes via the Police Precept http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43699623 Labour Candidate Toddbrook

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