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Politics / Mon 9th Apr 2018 at 08:14pm

WE thought we would start with a relatively straight-forward one. This is a Labour stronghold and a Labour stronghold it will probably remain.

Even in 2014, when Ukip were at its most popular, cllr Mike Danvers still won by 189 votes. Last time out, Labour won by 377 and one would expect the margin of victory to be fairly close to that.

Cllr Mike Danvers has been a force in local politics for decades and anyone who witnesses him in action in the council chamber will attest that he has a firm grasp on the dynamics of life in our town. You may not agree with him but his arguments are often so cogent and perceptive.

Yes, his comment on domestic abuse was poorly judged and that may come back if he ends up challenging for leader of the council.

The ward has a number of challenges (and not just the potholes). Yes, the aspirational millennials are making their way in the ward but there are also too many reports of deprivation in the area as well.

Having said all that you would have thought that the Conservatives would have made more of an impact here. It is good to see a young candidate in the shape of Jake Brackstone. Harlow Conservatives really do need to encourage more young blood and build up their base, otherwise they could be in trouble locally.

One suspects that both the Ukip and Lib Dem candidates are making up the numbers. Not so long ago, this ward was dominated by the Lib Dems. Looks like those days are numbered.

Prediction: Labour Hold

Election – Netteswell Ward on Thursday, 3 May 2018

Jake Brackstone (Conservative)
Michael Danvers (Labour)
Marian Lestrange (UKIP)
Robert Thurston (Liberal Democrats)

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2018-04-11 18:41:34

Mike Danvers is a hard working councillor not only for his own ward but for the whole town and holds Harlow in the highest of genuine affection. This matters in a candidate. People need to feel that their local representative "gets" their area and town. Yes, the domestic abuse comment was ill advised but we've all said stupider things. This should take nothing away from councillor Danvers's many years of fantastic service to the people of Harlow. And since when has any councillor only said things that everyone agrees with? I happen to think it's a respectful thing to sometimes take a position that tests your party and voters. Netteswell has three magnificent Labour councillors and long may that continue.

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