Harlow MP Robert Halfon backs PM over Syria bombing

News / Sat 14th Apr 2018 pm30 03:33pm

Halfon Fair

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has My thoughts on the UK-France-USA military action against President Assad’s use of chemical weapons:

Mr Halfon said: “After the Second World War we said “NeverAgain”. After many other atrocities since, we also say “NeverAgain”.

The free world, cannot allow chemical weapons to be used against innocent civilians and allow the gassing of women and children. This happened in 2013 in Syria and the world did nothing. We cannot repeat the same mistake.

I strongly support the Prime Minister in her joint military action with France and America – backed by NATO, the EU and many democratic countries such as Canada, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, and many others.

A few years ago, I went to Halabja, in Northern Iraq. There, the Kurds had been mustard-gassed by Saddam Hussein, with thousands dead. It was a place of the dead. The after-effects are still felt today.

Let us not stand by. Britain has a proud and historic role in standing up to Dictators. The Syrian people, their families and friends, the innocents slaughtered and maimed from chemical attacks by Assad, deserve our support.

“Let Never Again really mean something”.

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11 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon backs PM over Syria bombing:

2018-04-14 16:01:22

Next time you see the prime minister, Bob, ask he if, because bombing innocent men women and children is suddenly a faux pas as Theresa May would have us believe, will she immediately order a ban on selling weapons to Saudi Arabia who are dropping UK-sold bombs, from UK-sold fighter jets, on innocent men women and children in Yemen? You know, the conflict being described as a humanitarian disaster by anyone within earshot. No? Alright then...

2018-04-14 16:01:58

Ask her. Obviously.

m ingall
2018-04-14 16:20:30

My heart bled when I saw the child victims of the attack in Syria, but what I don't understand Robert Halfon is why these children matter more than the child victims of the genocide in Yemen perpetrated by the Saudis. While the Tories bomb the Syrians for awful war crimes, they sell attack aircraft to the Saudis to help them commit awful war crimes. Do you really think the mothers of children killed by the chemical TNT in high explosives grieve less than the mothers of children killed by the chemical Chlorine?

2018-04-14 19:11:05

Worried about women and children now mate? Probably regret voting against Britain helping 3000 child refugees then. More doubled faced trickery from a professional liar.

2018-04-14 20:27:00

Pity the useless PM was not as determined over brexit,it's that she is weak hence not recalling parliament for a vote on the attack,guess will we all have to be carefull come Friday as we stand a good chance of some nutter trying to exact revenge be it London.Paris etc

2018-04-15 07:11:34

Spewing out the same old mendacious, vicious momentum orientated,rubbish. The way these people nag on, same after same, the UK wouldn't have a future if we took any notice. Is this what they really want for the average man in the street? Robert Halfon is a caring man who does his very best for Harlow wherever he goes, this cannot be denied by the collective quartet above. If, just if, we stopped dealing with the countries they quote as murderers, and worse, we would be bankrupt in next to no time, perhaps they, in their socialist ivory towers, would have the misguided opinion that the straight talking man of the people PUTIN, would trade with us on favourable terms so that we wouldn't starve. Perhaps they aren't aware that RUSSIA has a lower GDP than California. Guys, what do you think to that? VOTE LABOUR or MOMENTUM at YOUR PERIL.

2018-04-15 11:55:17

The argument is moot as California statistically counts as about the third richest economy in the world anyway (higher than the UK, fact fans). The country would not be "bankrupt in no time" if we stopped selling weapons to murderous regimes, as this amounts to a miniscule percentage of GDP. What would be wrong, therefore, in pursuing an ethical foreign policy? Investing in industry such as renewable energy which could be sold to Third World countries instead of arms, leading to energy security for this countries and less chance of civil war? Micky, you should really try to mix it up a bit, might I suggest "look at foxes BECAUSE THEY'RE FERAL".

2018-04-15 13:30:00

Mendacious response, chided again by the fanatical RED.. I really do believe that along with Corbyn, the fanatics need a medical assessment. Do they think that the general public know what their game is about, we certainly do. Remember the near bankrupt policies ? Let's not forget Bliars private war with his good old buddy Bushy, where the REDS lied through their teeth. I seem to remember the arch HP agreement that was going to cure all ills. A policy that was dumped by,guess who. VOTE LABOUR or momentum a y p. How's that?

2018-04-16 09:35:56

GDP of Italy is about the same as Russia,too. Socialism really knows how to trade. Never hear the REDS declare where they're going to get the billions that Corbyn says that he wants to spend. Tax the rich ? Clueless ignoramus stuck in a time warp of the 30's. Would never order an attack on aggressors to our country without a meeting. Hot air is all he's about, and you, the misguided, applaud his every utterance. Amazing really, he contradicts anything that's put in front of him, a policy strictly followed by his loony lefties. VOTE LABOUR at YOUR PERIL.

2018-04-16 12:45:35

The West gets the hump that Assad is bombing parts of Syria and responds by bombing parts of Syria. What middle Eastern country is now in a better situation after western military interference?

2018-04-16 16:32:38

Sometimes I think that it's the old, " I will if you will ". Until these muslims of different sects begin to get on with one another, it's not a place we want to be in. Do you think that the oil may have something to do with all the action, apart from Bliar and Blush ?

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