Harlow Labour explain support for Socialist Workers Party event

Politics / Tue 17th Apr 2018 at 08:46am


HARLOW Labour has explained why it was advertising an event for the Socialist Workers Party.

Recently, the party sent out to the following message to members:

“A message from the Socialist Workers Party: To commemorate the assassination of Martin Luther King, Harlow SWP will be hosting a meeting/book launch at the Friends Meeting House in Harlow at 7.30 on Thursday April 12th. Copies of the new book by Yuri Prassad will be avaiable. Everyone is welcome.”

Labour Party rules are very strict regarding promotion or alignment with other parties. In the past, members have been expelled for “fraternising” with other parties.

Clause 2.1.4.B of the Labour Party rules states: “A member of the party who..supports a political organisation other than an official Labour Group..shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a party member.”

The message appeared on the Twitter page of Matt Pound, who runs Labour First, an organisation for Labour moderates. Mr Pound was clearly unimpressed with Harlow Labour’s promotion of an SWP event, as he wrote: “Please come to this event run by disgraced rape apologists and Trotskyists”.

Other comments called for “A vote of no confidence in the chair and secretary of the Harlow Labour Party”.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The item in the email was sent out in error and it has since been clarified.”

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3 Comments for Harlow Labour explain support for Socialist Workers Party event:

Dave Whitney
2018-04-17 16:13:31

“Labour First”? How can they claim to be putting the interests of the Labour Part first when they publically embarrass it like this, rather than going through internal channels? It is all too easy to make a mistake with modern information technology, and anyone with charity would recognise that rather than publically lambasting the officers of a Constituency party of which you are not a member. Perhaps Matt Pound should resign from the Labour Party for attempting to discredit it like this.

2018-04-17 16:43:30


2018-04-18 05:53:33

Finally, and at last someone has, the cojones to admit what the majority are aware of. With a little research it's apparent that the REDS are in the melting pot.Back stabbing and anti-semitism, enough to be going on with. The party that definitely cannot be trusted. Even the jfq fairies wont get them out of this mess. Parliament was a joy to behold, with Corbyn the RED getting hammered by labour members. Keep him there at all costs, he's perfect to lead them all to doom and gloom. VOTE MOMENTUM of labour AT YOUR PERIL

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