Ward by ward: Sumners and Kingsmoor

Politics / Fri 20th Apr 2018 at 07:49pm

THIS is another of the seats that Labour have an eye on. Back in 2012, the Conservatives won by just 67 votes. In 2014, it was 58. But by 2016, it was lengthened to 215.

This should be a comfortable return to power for Conservative councillor, Nick Churchill. Four years ago he had the slight handicap of a heart attack. However, if you know Nick, he wouldn’t let that get in his way.

Nick is one of those councillors that beavers around behind the scene in his ward. From Archants to Wissants, he just gets on with the day to day business of being a local councillor. Happy on the backbench.

Having said that, the letter about building on the Fennells confused the hell out of us. We just aren’t sure whether people will be recipient to the blame game when it comes to building in Harlow. But have we just asked politicians not to be politicians?

This is a two horse race, which has become a rarity these days. That means (in theory) between 300 to 400 former UKIP votes are up.

The Labour candidate is Aiden O’Dell, who is another of the young Labour candidates who have energised local politics in the town.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold


Nick Churchill (Cons)
Aidan O’Dell (Lab)

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2 Comments for Ward by ward: Sumners and Kingsmoor:

2018-04-20 21:07:47

Now then, this one could be interesting. Granted, there would have to be a bit of a swing, but that's not entirely out of the question with this batch of sitting Tories in Harlow. One to watch with such a slender majority, and with Labour aiming a jab and a half at the ward file this one under "could go either way".

2018-04-23 11:42:41

Such a profound non comment. V L a y P

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