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News / Wed 25th Apr 2018 at 05:08pm

Church Lay

EVEN IN THE year where Harlow Labour took the council, the Conservatives won this ward by 553 votes. In 2015 (A General Election year), Andrew Johnson polled over 2,000 votes.

A year previously, UKIP made an impressive showing at the ward election and in the European Elections.

In 2016, the Conservatives held by 532.

It is Tory and will continue to be Tory but you always get the feeling that they are unlikely, for now, to return to majorities over a 1,000 (In 2008, they had a majority of 1,107)

This could mean that the very keen and able Labour candidate, Jake Shepherd is in a win-win situation. The former Burnt Mill student is a very capable, intelligent and hard working man with a real grasp for both the more intellectual side of politics as well as the day to day issues that a local councillor might have to grapple with.

One of the main issues that concern the good villagers of Church Langley is getting out of the place. Traffic congestion is not getting any better. It also has its fair share of juvenile delinquents who are making some residents lives a misery (bus-stops, bikes, drug-dealing). The Local PLan is going to greatly impact on their lives.

However, let us not axctually forget the councillor who is defending his seat. Cllr Tony Hall has been the epitome of the steady Conservative. With wit as dry as the Kalahari desert, he has been a very loyal ally to his more high profile colleagues. Cllr Hall hasn’t been in the most robust of health but he will no doubt in his own way, give of his best.

For UKIP it is another Long, this time, the determined Patsy Long. The UKIP vote has collapsed all over Harlow and the rest of the country but that won’t stop Patsy.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold

Church Langley

Tony Hall (Conservative Party)
Pat Long (Ukip)
Jake Shepherd (Labour Party)

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