“Stitched up a kipper” as plans for 172 homes and fifteen storey office block at Railway Station roundabout approved

News / Fri 27th Apr 2018 at 09:21am

PLANS for 172 homes and a fifteen storey high office block at the Burnt Mill rounabout were approved by the Harlow Council Planning Committee on Thursday night.

Despite vehement protestations by councillors across the political divide (Labour and Conservative) as well as representations from Little Parndon councillor Chris Vince and political activist, John Wake, the committee approved the application.

A large number of councillors expressed their reservations about the application especially Old Harlow Councillor, Mike Garnett who felt he had been “dressed up like a kipper”.

Film of the the meeting is below.

Harlow Planning

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10 Comments for “Stitched up a kipper” as plans for 172 homes and fifteen storey office block at Railway Station roundabout approved:

2018-04-27 11:34:30

What a shambles. Mr Bean would have made a far better job. Talk about get caught with your pants down. Harlow will be a place to avoid when all the crazy plans come to-gether. How can anybody vote for this shower. VOTE LABOUR get more disasters.

2018-04-27 12:54:41

This is proof how can you trust the Labour party in this town? This is where I urge the people of Harlow to show your contempt at the polls next Thursday 3.5.18. This is unprofessional behaviour from the left as usual. Last week's Planning and Development was cancelled at the last minute. Cllr Dan Long turned up for this meeting. Shame on the lot of you. Anita Long Harlow Common Candidate.

2018-04-27 15:13:26

I think it would be true to say that if you asked say 1000 residents of Harlow, the majority would pick this site as being one of the worse that could be developed for housing in the town and it is evident that councillors from both main parties share this view. This case does however show up the many flaws of the appeal system; an inspector who probably had never been to Harlow until the appeal took place, visited the site just once and this was during the school holidays and believes that only a few car journeys each day will be made by residents living there. I believe the council could have made a stronger case when refusing the original and second application on the basis that many offices in Harlow have been converted to flats, so why build more, the close proximity to the railway with its associated noise and pollution and the pollution from traffic(whether travelling or stationary) at this busy roundabout, within yards from the flats. What this case really reveals is that developers have no regard for the people who will live there, it is all about profit. As one councilor said, lets hope no=one wants to buy one of the flats. Nicholas Taylor, Harlow Alliance Party Candidate

2018-04-27 17:10:15

Sadly the committees hands were tied by the inspectors decision to turn down the original objection to this site. Both parties in the chamber clearly felt frustrated by this decision as much as I did as ward Councillor. If the council was to reject the proposal again and it was overturned on appeal there would be fines imposed. Legislation needs to be looked at to give local councillors more say for issues such as road safety.

2018-04-27 17:23:07

The design looks a bit like the old Fred Gibberd designed Longman building which used to stand opposite the railway station.

2018-04-27 18:02:05

In reply to Chris Vince comment. This is typical of the Harlow Labour administrating party. Try to play the innocent and pass the buck because this Labour administrating are not the party for listening to the needs of the Harlow residents. Dan long

tony edwards
2018-04-27 18:29:26

Dan You've sat on the planning committee and know that ultimately this committee can only reject applications purely on planning grounds. The committee, aware of the concerns of Harlow residents did initially reject this application. The developers appealed and their appeal was upheld by the Planning Inspector. Councillors across the political divide, both Labour and Tory were very unhappy about the Planning Inspectors decision, but if the permission had not been granted on this occasion the developer would have again appealed, the Council would have lost and there would have been substantial costs awarded against the Council. Labour Candidate Toddbrook Ward

2018-04-27 18:32:40

Sadly this is true Dan. I feel very frustrated about it.

2018-04-27 20:32:47

Ok. My apologies. Sorry to hear this. I have just read the latest article. Very frustrating.

2018-04-27 20:56:40

Apologies for my outburst. A bit of a slap in the face. Anita Long. It's not an ideal location for properties on this site. Traffic is busy and crossing points are quite dangerous .

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