Labour candidate Laura McAlpine voices her concerns over Osler House closure

Politics / Sun 29th Apr 2018 am30 11:28am

Laura McAlpine PPC

By Adam Spartley

THE PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Harlow (Labour) Laura McAlpine has expressed her concerns over the closure of Osler House.

Ms McAlpine came into Harlow College to speak to a number of journalism students.

West Essex Clinical Commisioning Group (WECCG) sparked outrage over their shock decision to close the Potter Street GP Surgery, with many people critical of their lack of consultation with Harlow Council and local residents alike.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon recently wrote to the WECCG to request answers after meeting with the Harlow Common Residents Association last week.

He outlined his main concerns with the closure, and stated: ‘Why are residents being told that the surgery is being closed for financial reasons when the WECCG has received year on year funding increases, had a budget surplus of £7.6m for the year 2016/17 and is expected to have a further surplus in 2017/2018?’

Ms. McAlpine told the student reporters that she had met with the WECCG, and described the closure as ‘deeply deeply concerning’ but assured the town that the Labour Council are working hard to ensure that GP surgeries in Harlow remain open.

Journalists and Owen Jones have both shown support for Ms. McAlpine in her bid to be Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Harlow.

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4 Comments for Labour candidate Laura McAlpine voices her concerns over Osler House closure:

2018-04-29 17:12:44

Labour are continuing the fight to save an essential resource and this is another facet of that struggle, following on from the demo at the surgery a few weeks back that garnered huge support from local residents and traffic passing by. This I think is what people want to see, local government, both councillors and prospective councillors (and indeed, one hopes, the soon to be next Member of Parliament for the town) speaking up for them and voicing their concerns. All too often, people say all parties are the same but statements like this show that to be quite the opposite. Only one party is keeping this most important of issues in the spotlight, which is quite frankly doing what the MP should be doing. This is one of the many things I'll be thinking of on Thursday, May 3rd as I vote Labour.

2018-04-30 11:28:06

Late off the mark, but better than ?

2018-04-30 18:30:51

Better than a Tory government that lit the fire on the NHS now are wondering why things have started to burn. Better than a Conservative Party that knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. Better than a "Health Secretary" that is so incompetent he probably can't even spell NHS, let alone have any ideas on how to move the organisation onward. Better than a "Strong and Stable" government in hock to the DUP and backward, racist policies culminating in the Windrush scandal.

2018-05-02 06:07:18

Oh Dear. The fount of all wisdom with more of the same. The REDS left us in the lurch, messed up the finances, sold our gold cheaply, North Sea oil, spent the money, involved us in PFI that the Tories had dumped. Do they remind you,years ago, about the lady who won the football pools, and spent the lot in a few years. She was a socialist too. I could go on, but then,you don't need another jfq,or do you ? VOTE LABOUR or momentum at your PERIL.

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