The Harlow Alliance Party: Who will protect your green spaces?

News / Sun 29th Apr 2018 at 01:36pm

THE HARLOW Alliance Party was launched in January. Their message or brand is that they are very concerned about the plans to build on Harlow’s green spaces as well as those plans over the border.

YH went down to Pollards Hatch to speak to two of their candidates: Nicholas Taylor, who is standing in Great Parndon and Alan Leverett who is standing in Toddbrook (Mike Carr is also standing in Harlow Common).

Harlow Alliance Party

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9 Comments for The Harlow Alliance Party: Who will protect your green spaces?:

2018-04-29 14:41:46

To add to the interview with Alan and I, we strongly believe that had our party not been out canvassing since January when we have raised the issue of Harlow's and neighbouring authorities plans for thousands of new homes in and around the town, residents would still by now have no idea of how these plans would affect them. The concerns shown by candidates from the other parties are just crocodile tears, these plans have been some 4 years in the making and residents should have long since been made aware of them. At the end of the film we expressed concerns about the lack of tree maintenance, if you have had similar problems please contact us via our website harlowallianceparty.org Nicholas Taylor, HAP candidate in the Gt Parndon Ward.

2018-04-29 16:23:17

HTS will protect your green spaces. The company formed by the Labour Council that has returned hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of profit back into the town that would have otherwise have gone into shareholders' pockets.

2018-04-29 19:18:16

To suggest that HTS will protect the green spaces is either another cover up by a Labour Party supporter or written by someone who is in total ignorance of the subject. HTS is an organisation set up by the Labour Council to carry out housing repairs and cut the grass and hedges on open spaces. It has nothing to do with council policy about what happens to these open spaces. The Labour Council has produced a list of 21 sites it wishes to designate for future house building. These sites include play areas and green open spaces at Jocelyns, between Five Acres and Barn Mead, Pollard Hatch, Deer Park, Fennells, St Andrews Meadow, South of Clifton Hatch and Kingsmoor Recreation Centre. Added to this, residents at Bushey Croft look set to loose land between it and Hookfield. Over 500 homes on land about the size of Longbanks will no longer need the services of HTS unless these plans are judged to be unsound.

2018-04-29 20:09:32

You didn't put your name at the end, Ten Pin. Grass and hedges are green and they take up space.

2018-04-29 20:17:19

The Harlow Alliance Party, like the Judean People's Front/People's Front of Judea from The Life of Brian.

2018-04-30 17:31:21

Having spoken to various councillors about the new industrial estate at the old BP site and the proposed Latton Priory plans and the road that will run from that estate and cut through Harlow i can say that the HAP are the only ones who have a finger on the pulse of local planning applications and appear to be concerned about the loss of our green wedges. As someone who has always voted Tory apart from UKIP once i am tempted to cast a vote for them,The Conservative party will never see my vote again.

2018-05-01 17:09:00

It is interesting to see how the election campaign of The Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) has already had an affect on the two main parties in Harlow. Cllr Toal and her party will do anything to divert attention away from Labour's Local Plan and the agreement they have with Epping Forest DC which proposes that thousands of homes are built in and around Harlow with hundreds on green open spaces within the town. As for the Conservative party, well one just has to take a look at their election literature to see how things have changed. Early on in the campaign their list of issues were, in this order: 1 Cut grass properly 2 Oppose West Sumners 3 Freeze Council tax 4 Support new hospital. The Harlow Alliance Party clearly showed up the fact that only we have formally objected to West Sumners, the Conservatives have no chance of doing so, because objections had to be made by 29 January. We have also campaigned to stop house building on a number of the 21 sites identified by Labour. The Conservatives are now claiming to oppose building on all of the playing fields and sites proposed by Labour and have replaced number two above with the said opposition. The Conservatives have had about 3 years to oppose the drawing up of the list of 21 sites but have not done so until now, election time. Only a vote for the Harlow Alliance Party will show the other two parties that residents are no longer prepared to be kept in the dark about such important matters that affect them. Nicholas Taylor Harlow Alliance Candidate, Gt Parndon Ward

2018-05-01 22:07:54

The Local Plan will include contributions from the residents of Harlow, who are of course the most important element in all this. But I see the HAP have fallen into the Tory trap of using blatant scaremongering as their main weapon in this election, at the expense of any original ideas of their own. As a resident of the town and a voter, personally I'm sick of all the smears and lies cooked up by the Tories and their loyal lapdogs the HAP as well as UKIP.

2018-05-01 23:07:31

Yet another post which attempts to disguise the truth. We in HAP are just as scathing of the Conservative Party (as can clearly be seen from my earlier comment) and their roll in the matter of the thousands of homes which may get built in Harlow and beyond. The Local Plan has already gone through the consultation process, when because it was not widely known, only 136 residents made any representation. The 21 sites are effectively a short list of the many dozens of sites which were looked at. What is happening later this month is a six week consultation period which gives residents the chance to comment on how the plan was put together. HAP will challenge the plan on the basis that it is unsound because of the lack of public consultation and how residents were not involved and kept up to date in creating this short list. The same exercise has already been carried out in Epping, where 991 comments from individuals and organisations have been made, including one from Harlow Council who have expressed concerns about the lack of infrastructure to support these housing plans! Nicholas Taylor Candidate for the Harlow Alliance Party, Gt Parndon

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