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Bush Fair 5

WE come to the last our our eleven ward by wards. We hope it just gives you a flavour of the issues and candidates involved in the district elections on Thursday.

Bush Fair has been fortunate to always have active councillors. When it had three Lib Dem councillors, they were always busy around the ward. Labour councillors Ian Beckett and Mark Ingall organise a large number of events, week in and week out.

Likewise, UKIP councillor Dan Long, as we wrote last week, has been praised by many for ‘having his heart in the right place”.

Four years ago, Cllr Long won by 62 votes in their peak year. Since 2017, UKIP’s vote has declined massively. As we said, their only faint hope is that should Brexit go wrong, people may call on UKIP again however, we doubt it.

In 2016, Labour won the seat by 367 votes. They polled 796. UKIP polled 429.

The Labour candidate is Eugenie Harvey. In the short time, that Ms Harvey has been involved in local politics, shs has displayed an intelligence that we probably haven’t seen since Jon Clempner. That’s put the mockers on her. If Labour are returned to power, they are going to need someone to replace Jon’s vision and perspicacity. If you are now looking that word up, then you are proving our point.

It doesn’t seem so long that Bush Fair had three Lib Dem councillors. We remember their outreach days around the ward. Now, just a handful of paper candidates. Seems a bit of a shame.

The Conservatives have done a couple of laps around the ward and you do feel that one day, they should have a proper crack at it.

YH Predicition: Lab Gain


Andreea Hardware: Conservative
Eugenie Harvey Labour
Dan Long UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Christopher Robins Liberal Democrats

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8 Comments for Ward by Ward: Bush Fair:

2018-05-01 19:35:04

Bush Fair is another one to watch, and with such an energetic and enthusiastic candidate such as Eugenie, I think the residents of this ward have a great opportunity to elect a councillor for whom the affection for the town and its people shines through. Y'know, I always think you can tell the goodness of a person by the things they do that they don't have to do, that they're not obliged to. And with Eugenie and the Labour councillors and candidates, they go the extra mile and a half with many campaigns and events showing that they care for the people of the town and want to see them do well. You might say "Labour gain", but people have to vote for that to happen and nothing is a foregone conclusion. So let's get out on May 3rd and vote for more Labour councillors as well as the reelection of party incumbents to continue the good work for the people of Harlow.

2018-05-02 05:56:40

Odd that this lady, who is obviously a champagne socialist, took on several positions on the Churchgate Ratepayers Association, and flunked all of them. Now she pops up in Bush Fair as a candidate for the REDS. I don't think that a little bit of gardening and acting as a crossing patrol is value for money. Add to the fact that she has only been around for a very short while singles her out as ? DAN LONG is the man whose been toiling on behalf of the residents, and on his track record he should be voted back in. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL

2018-05-02 12:29:23

I notice how certain folks' language becomes more vitriolic when articles featuring women in the Harlow Labour Party are published. And "hasn't been around for that long", I could have set my watch by that one. First it's sexism, then xenophobia. These are the vile tactics by which Labour's opponents live because they want to cover up the fact that they have no policy of their own. We've seen it all before and it's now well into its death rattle. Vote Labour on May 3rd to finally crush this backward political ideology.

2018-05-02 15:09:21

Backward ideology ? So you wish to take us back to the days of old, strikes,strikes, and more strikes. Marxist rubbish from momentum and the so called socialists, who,and let's not forget, the labour back stabbers, who bullied and harassed John Clempner into resignation because, as a decent local councillor who couldn't put up with their vile attacks, personal, and bullying upon him any longer. Do we really want people like this within our local council? I think not. Can you image if the Tories had behaved so disgustingly, what the press and the REDS would have been saying. It bears thinking about. VOTE MOMENTUM/LABOUR at your PERIL.

2018-05-02 15:11:41

So, if you're looking for a decent bloke to represent you, Dan's THE MAN.

2018-05-02 15:21:46

Putting MAN in great big letters at the end of your comment tells me all anyone needs to know. I could tell you about the physiological fact that we all start off female but that might blow your mind. Pretty desperate stuff now, using the anecdotal hearsay and scurrilous, unproven rumours of why a councillor may or may not have resigned as a way to lose your argument in a slightly less embarrassing way. You're running out of ideas at a rate of knots, relying upon lies, smears and scaremongering. People see through like a pane of glass.

m ingall
2018-05-02 19:13:03

I have known Eugenie for several years. She is intelligent, articulate,hardworking and compassionate. She has joined me in meeting Bush Fair residents groups, including those in sheltered housing. She has helped with several community clean up projects, she contributed massively to bringing back the Bush Fair Fayre and the Christmas tree, and all this before being elected. In short she is everything the residents of Bush Fair could want from a district Councillor. For a positive approach Eugenie is the obvious choice tomorrow. Vote Labour tomorrow Vote Eugenie Harvey for Bush Fair.

Eugenie Harvey
2018-05-02 19:38:22

Thank you Mark and JerryFromQueens for your supportive comments. I appreciate them very much. It's in the hands of the residents of Bush Fair now, as it should be. Thanks again, Eugenie

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