Nomentum? Harlow Labour’s parliamentary candidate loss gives Tories momentum

Politics / Fri 4th May 2018 at 04:31pm

Laura McAlpine PPC

IF THERE was one result in Harlow’s District Election that is gaining national attention then it is the Conservative victory in Staple Tye.

Mike Hardware won by one vote after four recounts.

It will be a disappointment for the Labour candidate, Laura MacAlpine and a major fillip for the Tories.

The Tories will now go into the new civic year with a spring in their step, buoyed by the 11% increase in their vote, their strong performances across the wards and are already looking to 2019’s local elections. They head into the chamber looking to scrutinise and question the Local Plan.

Ms MacAlpine is the prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC). Anointed by Momentum figures such as Owen Jones and Paul Mason and selected by her members, Laura will now have to face slings and arrows from the Tories. They are questioning how can a Labour PPC win the constituency of Harlow when she can’t win the ward of Staple Tye? They may also postulate that the Momentum brand may well not cut through in Harlow.

Labour’s defence appears to be that the ward is different from two years ago with “new housing” We guess they mean the new developments off Commonside Road.

But these are politically turbulent times and who knows where we might be at the end of May 2018, let alone 2019 and beyond.

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10 Comments for Nomentum? Harlow Labour’s parliamentary candidate loss gives Tories momentum:

2018-05-04 17:19:10

One vote. That's all it was. If the Tories are claiming this skin of their teeth escape as some great victory, it says more about them than it does about Labour. Their relief is palpable, but their newly elected councillor is still marooned in a sea of Labour representatives, far from his compatriots on either edge of town. The Conservative Party can postulate all they like, but the fact of the matter is that the council is still controlled by Labour, with a 6% increase of the vote, and there is a magnificent new addition in Eugenie Harvey who will I'm sure add yet more energy and vigour to an already world class team. Add to this the prospect of Laura's candidacy as prospective MP, and her experience as top notch candidate brimming with ideas and initiatives will only serve her well in the battles to come, and I would say that Harlow Labour are in better shape than the myopic one sided Nasty Party would have you believe. Unlike others, you couldn't pay me to campaign on their behalf...

Jake Shepherd
2018-05-04 18:13:20

I hope Cllr Mike Hardware will work closely with his two Labour Ward Colleagues Cllr Mullard and Cllr Strachan who through hard work and experience both know Staple Tye like the back of their hand and are very receptive to local issues... Laura McAlpine is a fantastic PPC, chosen by Harlow Labour Party as a whole, not just by some (a far more democratic process than the Tory system). As a united local party I know we will all be working hard alongside Laura, whose energy and determination will no doubt pay off in the long run when Harlow returns a Labour MP at the next General Election.

2018-05-05 00:00:10

I know Diane Abbott has damaged the Labour Party Abacus - but a win by one vote is still a win! It's a very floating seat however - as I've learnt twice now myself!

2018-05-05 01:29:54

Jake you really do talk rubbish - first Mike is the county councillor for the area already and knows the area very well. I remember being at the extraordinary general meeting that first selected Rob Halfon as our parliamentary candidate and that was of the whole party and filled the Latton Bush hall so please don’t cast aspersions at things you don’t actually know about.

2018-05-05 07:00:23

Spot on Andrewj. During the last few weeks leading up to the elections, the drift of the REDS into a fantasy world, led by you know who, has been absolutely farcical. Wherever they get their data and info from baffles me and many others. As for a united party, I think JS should take the time and trouble to have a chat with John Clempner, sooner than later, for some real home truths.

2018-05-05 07:30:08

One day in and that respect pledge falls by the wayside as Jake is accused of talking rubbish by a supposedly respectable local figure. Andrew, care to comment on the rumour I heard that paid Tory canvassers were parachuted in on Thursday?

2018-05-05 07:31:02

How are your UKIP pals doing these days, Micky?

2018-05-05 14:25:47

Gutted for Laura as she worked so hard in Staple Tye and would have been an excellent candidate. Of course I expect the opposition to use this defeat against her but in reality I don’t think it will influence voters. In a General Election people vote on national issues. I look forward to campaigning with Laura soon. People will find she is a hard working and determined young lady who will fight for them.

2018-05-05 14:26:21

Sorry should have said ‘excellent Councillor.’

2018-05-05 14:55:34

I don't think that the general public had heard much about Laura before this by-election. For a first timer she seemed to do quite well, leveling almost with the Tories.

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