Letter to Editor: New Bush Fair councillor says thank you

Politics / Mon 7th May 2018 am31 08:20am

Eugenie Harvey

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude to the residents of Bush Fair Ward who voted for me to represent them on Harlow Council at last week’s local elections.

I was thrilled to win and to join the ward’s other Labour councillors, Ian Beckett and Mark Ingall, in working hard to ensure that Bush Fair is a great place to grow up, grow old and do business.

To those residents who did not see the candidate of their choice elected and to those who for whatever reason did not vote on this occasion, I undertake to represent you, recognising that I must do all that I can to win your support next time.

These are exciting times for Harlow and there is much at stake. It is an honour to play a part in ensuring that the residents and businesses of Bush Fair reap the benefits.

Eugenie Harvey
Labour Councillor for Bush Fair

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1 Comment for Letter to Editor: New Bush Fair councillor says thank you:

2018-05-07 08:53:00

The perfect tone has been struck here, and it's no surprise that it's come from a candidate that was dedicated, committed and energetic in the campaign and, I'm sure, will be a great asset to the Labour Council, the ward of Bush Fair and the wider Harlow community. After any election, there is I think a need for a kind of unity as the winning team will be the ones, as Eugenie says, representative of all voters, however they voted.

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