Huge haul of medals for Harlow Gymnastics Club

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General Gymnastics County Qualifier 29th April, 6th May & 13th May 2018

A HAUL of 23 medals for Harlow Gymnastics Club at the General Gymnastics county qualifiers in Colchester. The top 3 in each event won medals and qualify for the East Region level finals in Ipswich; the gold medallists also won a trophy and 4th to 6th positions were awarded rosettes.
Medals galore in the men’s events: Kieran McMahon (16) placed 2nd overall after placing 1st vault & h-bar, and 2nd p-bars & floor in the level 5M age 16/18 event.

In the level 5M age 13/15 event, Harry Ferguson (13) placed 2nd overall, 1st bars, 3rd floor & vault and 4th p-bars. Daniel Capodici (12) finished 4th overall after placing 3rd vault, 4th bars, 5th p-bar and 6th floor. Mark Hall student Matteo Reynald-Abad (12) placed 2nd floor, 3rd bars, 6th p-bar and 5th overall. Little Parndon pupil, Hrissian Gunov (11) placed 1st vault, 1st floor, finishing 6th overall, with teammate Stanley Broughton (13) placing 4th vault & floor, finishing 7th overall in the same event.

Max Riddle was awarded overall 1st in the age 8/9 level 3M event after placing 1st vault, bars and p-bars, and 2nd floor.

Further medal joy in the level 2 age 8/9 event, Hermione Mellor (8) placed 1st bars and 2nd floor to finish in 13th position overall.
Shannah Stacey (12) placed 3rd vault, 4th bars and 8th overall in the level 5 age 11/12 event.

Competing in the level 5 age 13/15: Burnt Mill student Brooke Walker (14) placed 1st vault and 12th overall; Ellie Kenway (13) placed 2nd vault and 16th overall and Holly Montague (13) placed 3rd vault and 15th overall. In the same event Chloe Ann Wenz (12), Louisa Akers (13), Beth Porter (12) and Saffron Hoskin (14) placed 15th, 20th, 22nd and 24th overall respectively.

St Marks student Elana Dimitriu (11) placed 3rd floor, 6th bars, 11th overall in the level 4 age 12/14. Yasmin Akram (11), Daisy Dove (13), Lily Gray (12) and Olivia Eustace (12) placed 19th, 24th, 28th and 37th overall in the same event.

In the level 3 age 9/10 event, Brooke Hayzelden (10) placed 1st vault, 5th on floor and finished 9th overall. Teammates Emily Forey placed 6th on beam and 15th overall, Bobbie Burns placed 6th on vault and 34th overall; Elizabeth Chung, Sydni Barker, Daisy Clowes, Harriet Pask (8), Emily Pask (8), and Tamzin Mason placed 11th, 24th, 26th, 30th, 31st & 36th overall respectively in the same event.

Matilda Cook (11) placed 4th vault, 14th overall in the level 4 age 10/11 with teammates Emily May Price (11), Mia Brine (9), Kira Henson (10), Ellie Aimable (10), Scarlett Chart (10), Zsofia Ojimbah (10) and Ellie Senior (10) placing 15th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th overall respectively.

In the level 3 age 11/12 event, Yasmine Thong (10) placed 4th on bars, 6th on both vault and beam to finish in 9th overall. Lucie McIntyre (10) and Skye Girolami (10) placed 11th & 16th overall.

Head Boys Coach and club co-owner Peter James said. “It’s brilliant to see our club bringing home some medals. Massive congratulations to the gymnasts and I’m very proud of you all”

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