Essex County Council set to spend extra £3 million in salaries

Politics / Thu 31st May 2018 am31 07:42am

By Local Democracy Reporter.

ESSEX County Council is spending an extra £3.3 million to create a fairer wage system.

The council – which has just started implementing the change to its pay structure – employs more than 8,000 people excluding school staff.

It says that about 69 per cent of the workforce is entitled to an immediate pay increase.

Pam Parkes, director, organisation development and people, said that the system had not been reviewed for ten years – leaving very broad and overlapping pay bands.

She said that as a result some individuals who were doing the same job as others who had been employed for a longer tenure would more likely to be at the bottom of the pay range and newer employees were more likely to be at the top of the pay range.

She said: “It is pay for more salaries. As I said before you could have had a situation where you had five finance officers all on the same role profile but have a variety of differences in their pay.

“And the extreme could be £10,000 difference. That’s because of the system we had before.

“Now we are changing to a system where we decide what the rate is for the job and they should all receive the same pay.”

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6 Comments for Essex County Council set to spend extra £3 million in salaries:

2018-05-31 09:29:36

Obviously this is welcome to create a fairer wage structure but then 14p per household to create a more efficient and responsive council with better targeted portfolios is also a fair deal. Let's see if all the little Tories go crazy at this bit of spending like they did the other day over Labour's, tiny by comparison, spending plan. I'll do the maths for you: £3 million quid is more than the 14p per household you were losing your minds about the other day. Go...

Brett Hawksbee
2018-05-31 14:12:13

I might have guessed JFQ would beat me to noting this equivalence ...

2018-05-31 16:17:21

Easy spending other people's money. Any chance of us getting value for money?

2018-05-31 16:30:05

Sorry Brett, I couldn't resist it! Value for money would be good, I agree. Can we assume that the Tory run ECC will now spend some cash on repairing the catastrophic pothole problem in Harlow? How about at least spending some time, as the last meeting they couldn't be bothered to turn up. Typical Tories, they want all the power but none of the responsibility.

2018-06-01 05:55:57

More lies from the retro commies.

2018-06-01 15:27:07

Lying about what? Potholes? They're there. Everywhere.

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