More MP support for Robert Halfon’s letter to Health Secretary on Harlow’s hospital

News / Sat 2nd Jun 2018 am30 09:52am

James Cleverly

More MP support for Robert Halfon’s letter to Health Secretary on Harlow’s hospital

Additional support for Robert Halfon’s letter to the Health Secretary has been offered.

James Cleverly, MP for Braintree, has agreed to support Robert’s campaign for a new Health Campus in Harlow. The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow is vital not only for the town but for the surrounding area and the economy of the entire Eastern Region.

Robert will debate the future of Harlow’s hospital on Tuesday 5 June in the House of Commons Chamber.

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7 Comments for More MP support for Robert Halfon’s letter to Health Secretary on Harlow’s hospital:

2018-06-02 09:58:43

One MP. One. Great work once again from Bobby No Mates.

2018-06-02 10:14:09

Joking aside, let's take a more forensic look at the Harlow MP. His voting record includes consistently voting against equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people, including against same sex marriage. He has also voted against laws to promote human rights and equality, and has almost always voted against the right for EU citizens already living and contributing to the UK to remain here with their families. And what about welfare, for the poorest and those in most need in our society? He's consistently voted against benefit rises to bring them in line at least with prices. So he voted for a cut, effectively. He also consistently voted against paying higher benefits for those unable to work long term because of disabilities. Let that one sink in. Also, he voted against allowing more resources to be allocated to local councils to help people unable to pay council tax. He almost always voted against increases in welfare spending and public money being made available for guarantees so that young people could get into work. And a word about education. He voted to increase tuition fees to a massive £9000. Judge people on their actions, not what they say to get your votes. Compassionate Conservatism? It's nothing but a sick joke. Source: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24784/robert_halfon/harlow/votes

2018-06-02 11:34:07

Poor boy is jfq. Back room troll for the REDS. Central Office lackey, so indoctrinated by the left he can't think straight or accept that efforts are being made. Terrified that people may think for themselves and turn their backs on the looney left. RH wasn't always an MP and he certainly knows the value and worth of the NHS. Probably more than jfq.

2018-06-02 11:58:27

You're right, Bob wasn't always an MP. Before that he was a ministerial assistant and was waved into the candidacy by the local (almost non existent) Tory membership. No local links. No local work. No council membership. A better example of the disgraceful Conservative Party attitude of being "born to rule" it would be hard to find. Bob voted for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which has directly caused the chaos that the NHS finds itself in today. I wouldn't have voted for it. Ergo, I value the NHS more than he does. We all know about Bob's efforts, Micky. Just click that link...

2018-06-04 01:22:42

Harlow Trades Union Council has Unite and Unison trade union branch affiliates representing workers at Princess Alexandra Hospital and we accept the need for a new hospital. That is also the position of the staff side unions and professional bodies representing health care professionals at the hospital, plus it's the view of the overwhelming majority of its workforce. The only "REDS" that do not accept a need for a new hospital are political agitators who do not hold any representational roles at PAH or any credible building engineering services professional experience. Whilst it is true that NHS maintenance funds have been 'robbed' to fund frontline care for four consecutive years, as highlighted by the Independent in February, it in no way diminishes the need for a new hospital in Harlow. As trade unionists representing PAH workers, Harlow TUC welcomes Robert Halfon's efforts to secure new funding to deliver better working conditions and improved facilities for patients and visitors. We would naturally support the Labour Party position on the NHS, but we have yet to hear any public statements of support for a new hospital from Harlow Labour's PPC Laura McAlpine.

2018-06-05 07:13:36

The need for a new health campus in or around Harlow has been recognised and supported by the Trust, both East Herts and West Essex CCGs, all the relevant local authorities (Harlow, Epping, Uttlesford, East Herts, and Essex and Herts County councils), and have been campaigning with the DoH and NHS England for some time. The business case is compelling, both to meet existing need, and future requirements. It is essential for Harlow’s future as part of a broad package of infrastructure investment and for the health and well being of its residents. I hope all political parties will be clear in their support, and there is no last minute backtracking from anyone.

2018-06-06 05:41:06

Yet again, jfq, you're whistling up your own pipe. So keen to jump in and criticise RH for anything. For your information,up to a dozen MP,s are preparing to sign his petition. Typical of this bullying .....................

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