Is new Harlow Tory’s role as a planning consultant a help or a hindrance?

Politics / Sun 3rd Jun 2018 at 04:32pm

AS we are on a bit of a roll trying to get answers out of councillors, we are trying to shed some light on whether the fact that new Staple Tye councillor, Mike Hardware’s full time job for a planning consultancy a barrier to him in any debate on the future of planning matters in Harlow?

Let us be clear, Cllr Hardware has been absolutely transparent in the fact that he is a director of Chelgate Consultancy.

Soon after being elected a councillor in Staple Tye, he registered the fact on the Harlow Council website.

Mike Hardware

At certain times in council meetings, he may want to declare it, should the need arise. It happens all the time. If a matter relating to Stewards Academy comes up, science teacher and Sumners councillor, Russell Perrin declares that he is a member of staff. There have been union related matters that have meant councillors such as Phil Waite and Ian Beckett have declared a relevant interest.

In fact, there have been times when a discussion on a hotel comes up and councillors declare that they have visited it on several occasions. Sometimes it is their call, if they feel that their declaration will help transparency.

For the Tories, we get the impression that Cllr Hardware will be seen as a real asset when it comes to holding Harlow Labour’s feet to the fire over the Local Plan. He may well be the man to properly scrutinise Harlow Council’s proposals and may be the man who can bring light to the whole subject.

We look forward to the first Cabinet meeting on Thursday June 14th.

YH did contact Cllr Hardware with a question relating to this matter but he has yet to reply.


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3 Comments for Is new Harlow Tory’s role as a planning consultant a help or a hindrance?:

2018-06-03 16:45:52

Well he'll have to be as transparent as possible, because we will be watching and waiting...

2018-06-04 12:06:08

Accusative and typical.

2018-06-04 17:38:50

Uh oh, Peter's back...

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