Will Harlow Council’s new regeneration boss support a new hospital?

Politics / Sun 3rd Jun 2018 at 02:47pm


BACK in November, 2017, a motion was passed at Harlow Council supporting a new hospital for Harlow.

All the councillors supported it bar one. Staple Tye councillor John Strachan abstained.

The next day, we sent a e-mail asking him to shed some light on why he did so as you could see on the night that his abstention came as a surprise to some of his Labour colleagues.

We do not receive a reply.

The issue of a new hospital came up again during the whole Jon Clempner controversy when it was suggested that some Labour members had concerns regarding the form of funding for such a venture.

So, six months later and Cllr Strachan is prompted to the portfolio holder for regeneration. As we thought a new hospital, may come under that remit, we thought we would ask again for his position on a new hospital, especially as Harlow MP, Robert Halfon seems to be making major in roads into a replacement for PAH and he has secured a debate in parliament on Tuesday.

We have not to date, received a reply.

We will endeavour to find out what his position.

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3 Comments for Will Harlow Council’s new regeneration boss support a new hospital?:

2018-06-03 18:22:43

I'm sure the Labour Party and John's position will be known in the fullness of time. All of this is pie in the sky as no site has been agreed, no funding secured, no agreement has even been made to move and so on and so forth. And why is it "controversial" to have concerns about the funding of such a venture, one that would cost many millions of pounds? Don't we all want value for money? Why the obsession with dragging up the past leadership? The Labour Council is moving forward with a passionate new leader, dynamic new team and ambitious plans for the future of Harlow, as well as a parliamentary candidate that has real drive, skill, positivity and expertise to challenge the incumbent's dreary grinding austerity worship. The past is another country. Time to live in the now.

2018-06-04 14:44:38

JFQ perhaps you can have a word with your councillors about the past being another country as they regularly raise the Thatcher years in the chamber and she left as PM 28 years ago...

2018-06-04 16:24:53

Thatcher's holy war against the poor will stain this country forever. I'd say that was more than enough reason for people to keep referring to it.

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