Essex Police issue warning over World Cup football violence

News / Thu 28th Jun 2018 at 11:53am

THE last fortnight has been fantastic for England’s football fans and we’ve seen some scenes of jubilation on the streets of Essex.

Officers have been out and about during the World Cup matches and on the whole, everyone has been looking after each other.

Essex Police have noticed though that there’s been a need for us to respond to pockets of disorder following England’s wins.

In part, this is related to alcohol. They have also seen a few people take advantage of the bigger crowds and heightened emotions, to encourage anti-social behaviour.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Nolan said: “Sport has a way of bringing everyone together and we know that most people’s aim is to enjoy the football.

“We are working to keep everyone safe in Essex this summer, and businesses have a role to play in this as well.

“We are urging them to make sure that right measures are in place which will help prevent and manage anti-social behaviour.

“These include having enough staff on match days, serving drinks in plastic glasses and not allowing more people in a premises than it has capacity for.”

The force has a specific plan to prevent and respond to football-related disorder.

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