Dangerous driving on Gilden Way threatens children says Old Harlow councillor

News / Mon 9th Jul 2018 pm31 05:17pm

Dangerous driving on Gilden Way threatens children

Children nearly hit by a vehicle crossing a grass verge on Gilden Way to access Sheering Road.

A concerned local mum has approached Cllr Joel Charles about serious safety concerns at the Gilden Way development. Temporary traffic lights are in place near the building site. This means there are often queues at the traffic lights on Gilden Way at peak times. Vehicles travelling into Harlow are attempting to avoid the long queues by driving over the grass verge into Sheering Road opposite the entrance to the Gibberd Garden. The cavalier attitude of some drivers has led to children playing in the cul-de-sac almost being hit by a vehicle as it drove over the grass verge.

Cllr Joel Charles, who represents Old Harlow, said: “Whilst I understand that traffic tailbacks are frustrating for motorists on Gilden Way at peak times, there is no excuse for crossing over the verge into a cul-de-sac and endangering children and other pedestrians in the process. I am working with my colleague Cllr Mike Garnett who has written to Harlow Council to ask for a barrier to be erected to prevent vehicles crossing from Gilden Way into Sheering Road. In the interim, parents have put up a barrier to protect their children. The council must work with Essex County Council and Essex Police to prevent an accident by dangerous driving.”

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2 Comments for Dangerous driving on Gilden Way threatens children says Old Harlow councillor:

2018-07-10 06:20:42

Stack some 'road works furniture' upon the area, but, don't block the access gate. Is this a vision of what's in store for Churchgate Street when the snarl up's of traffic, which are guaranteed to occur, when this ridiculous monstrosity of a road development opens.

2018-07-10 18:10:30

Fancy a debate on it, Micky?

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