Harlow Alliance Party: The Market Square: “Is this what the Council call value for money?”

Politics / Tue 17th Jul 2018 at 02:42pm

THE HARLOW Alliance Party (HAP) has questioned the cost of improvements to the market square in Harlow.

A spokesperson said:

“Harlow Council are currently holding a consultation exercise on plans to redevelop the Town Centre. Members of the public are being invited to a series of exhibitions being held across the town in the hope that some sort of consensus of opinion can found.

“The Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) have been very pleased to note that Harlow Council are now trying to engage with residents and we hope that many will take the opportunity to do so.

“However, HAP is greatly concerned that in the meantime Harlow Council’s Regeneration Members have invested the huge sum of £276,007 to refurbish Market Square.

“HAP feel that this work is unlikely to revitalise the area or increase footfall and is just a total waste of public money

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5 Comments for Harlow Alliance Party: The Market Square: “Is this what the Council call value for money?”:

2018-07-18 12:35:45

HAP should be more concerned about their lack of electoral success, the fact that nobody knows who they are and that their rosettes look like they're Dundee United supporters. This is part of an ongoing regeneration of the area, and just the first phase. Have some patience and all will be revealed. Maybe if the council renamed it Tannadice Park you'd find that more appealing?

2018-07-18 13:15:57

Another daft post from JFQ, I am pleased to say that the more that you make such posts the less anyone will take anything you say seriously. The facts speak for themselves 1) We set up at the end of January and just over 3 months later we polled 426 votes in just the 3 wards we stood candidates. 2) We have a website with out policies set out (try looking at the websites of the other parties, they say nothing). The site has had over 20000 hits since February. 3) We have had lot of space in The Harlow Star (including in print all 6 of my responses to questions put to the Star) and yourharlow. 4) We have spoken to hundreds of residents on the doorstep since January. I can assure you we are very happy with our progress. As for our original comment, the simple fact is that if the Council are truly consulting about the future of the Town Centre then we feel that to spend such a large sum on what is really just a cosmetic exercise is both premature and short sighted. The outcome of this work lacks any sort of ambition for the north side of the town. The Council's report considers some ambitious plans, lets hope that what has been done in Market Square is not a glimpse of the future which might not be as ambitious as most people would hope.

2018-07-18 18:34:53

jfq, camp comment is not really appreciated away from reality. "wait till all is revealed". omg. The "smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint", comes to 'ARLOW, courtesy of JERRYfq.

2018-07-18 22:29:27

Carefull Mickey jfq now has durcant working with him,the gang of three in a socialist bubble.

2018-07-19 15:58:54

Always on the alert, jarrett, for double talk and falsification no matter what. That's why THEY hate us so much. Have you noticed the take-over of the word 'truth' ? According to ykw, truth relates as, in context, AND I quote, "the NASTY PARTY". I think we should set up a league table and see who uses it most. It's probably a directive from the Antifa brigade, you know them, they always have their faces covered, and, generally armed with staves. They're not getting any joy with us,so, they attack the new young party, HAP, who have some seriously qualified people amongst them, more than enough I would think. Notice yet again, these labour councillors are voting to spend more and more of our money, and, without any doubt, they think that it buys them votes,OY VEY.