Bitter row between Harlow Tories and Labour over zero hour contracts

News / Fri 20th Jul 2018 at 03:59pm

A BITTER row erupted between the ruling Harlow Council Labour Cabinet and the Tory opposition over the matter of zero hour contracts.

At Harlow Council’s Cabinet meeting last night (19 July) Conservative councillor Nick Churchill called on Harlow’s Labour Administration to remove from their Procurement Strategy a clause referring to Zero Hours Contracts which states:

‘The Council will refuse (to the extent the law allows) the appointment of contractors who make use of zero hours contracts.’

Film of the “debate” is below.

Cllr Churchill said further: “Harlow Labour’s misguided stance on Zero Hours Contracts [ZHC] shows that they are prepared to put their own flawed ideology in front of the interests of the residents of Harlow. This unfair policy discriminates against every company in Harlow that uses ZHC to enable them to have the flexibility to operate and compete in the marketplace, ensuring that they can offer employment options and work security to their workers.

“By taking this over-zealous stance Labour councillors are effectively placing the livelihoods of thousands of workers in jeopardy as well as leaving the council open to legal challenge from this unlawful action.

“The policy to refuse contractors who use ZHC is itself a discriminatory practice and it is also a restraint of trade.

“This decision by Labour councillors shows them for what they are, anti-business and not interested in promoting employment in the town. Harlow needs to continue growing and attracting new business into this town but Labour’s blinkered and misguided stance will drive them away.

“Until the Leaders of this town stop listening to their Machiavellian puppet masters and actually start thinking for themselves they are taking this town in a direction that can only be downward.“

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