Harlow Council back crackdown plans for Town Centre

News / Tue 24th Jul 2018 pm31 01:06pm

HARLOW Council has backed a plan for a clampdown on crime in Harlow Town Centre.

Plans for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) were recommended at a meeting of the Labour-run Harlow Cabinet on Thursday night.

A number of councillors spoke in support of the recommendation including Toddbrook councillor, Tony Edwards who stressed that in order for the whole plan to work, it had to be properly manned.

Film below.

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7 Comments for Harlow Council back crackdown plans for Town Centre:

2018-07-25 15:31:26

A well intentioned debate remarkably uniting all parties, however, because of the underlying focus on doing things as cheaply as possible, the debate is one which reflects a reaction to an already deteriorating situation. Reactionary low cost solutions frequently cost more. Simply raising the visible presence of police officers in the town centre will inevitably simply move the problem to other hatch Centres around the town. We, the general public do miss our Community Police Officers as well as PCs especially to deal with adult offenders, but there's much that could be done to divert teenagers and young adults. Why are there not more play, sport and activities schemes in the town? The costs to the general public purse would be a small fraction of prosecution, trial, prisons and police time. The problem seems to be that such prevention measures come from a different budget than the criminal justice system so the necesssry correlation and actions are never brought together. Re bicycle racks, great point, but , unsupervised racks = more stolen bikes. Would be nice to be able to cycle into town but the risk of having bits or even the whole bike stolen is too high. Re ball games: supervised games by teams of youth Officers would be a more positive, successful and productive solution.

2018-07-26 13:46:15

Time for some serious investment in concealed, CCTV High on the ferals list, of things to avoid.

2018-07-28 17:37:48

I'm glad you avoid it Micky. Makes it a much more pleasurable experience for all.

2018-07-29 08:12:42

Definitely lost the plot,has jerryforqueen. Nothing decent or constructive to say,so, as usual he resorts to the usual,boring,unfunny and humourless nonsense and insults. A true and loyal momentumist.

2018-07-29 12:07:01

Let's debate that then Micky. You can run but you can't hide...

Brett Hawksbee
2018-07-30 08:05:39

Novoman makes a good point. At least some behaviors result from boredom, and/or a lack of provision of 'anything else to do'. We want to encourage fit and healthy youth, and discourage anti social behaviour? Here's a thing ... drug dealers=bad. But many of their customers are disenfranchised, have no interesting opportunities to explore, or just plain bored. Now given that we want them to pursue healthy activities, have some self respect, and ambition, we miss a huge opportunity. The focus, for society overall cannot be 'on cracking down on crime'; all this achieves is either relocating the problem, or clogging up the criminal justice, probation systems etc. The opportunity, is to install free resources, in the Market Square, for urban sports ... (which does not include outdoor table tennis) Skate ramps, rails, half-pipes, for BMX, scoots and skateboarders ... Parkour area Outdoor Gym equipment. Performance area for live acts/bands Street food vendors area. This would encourage social and physical activity, be available day and evening, and a buzzing civic space would do much to actively discourage the current anti social activities in the area.

2018-07-31 11:08:29

I im 100% in favour of cutting down on anti social behaviour and crime here in Harlow but i think this is bit rich coming from the Labour administration party of Harlow. I have took more verbal abuse from left wing supporters including those with links to the Harlow Labour party compared to right wing supporters such as the Harlow Tory party. So again the Harlow Labour administrating party should be keep a eye on their own followers if the want crime reduced in this great town.

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