Letter to Editor: Time to invest in policing in Harlow

News / Wed 25th Jul 2018 at 09:27am

Dear Sir,

It’s high time the Tories started to invest in our policing but are current plans enough?

Since the Tories came to power, initially with their Lib Dem allies, we have seen unprecedented cuts to policing numbers. There are now 648 fewer front line police officers in Essex than there were in 2010. This means nearly a fifth less officers.

In Harlow these cuts were never more prevalent than last year when it was reported that on one shift there was only one officer on patrol in the whole town. The problem is criminals know this.

My heart really does go out to those police officers who remain, who are finding themselves more and more stretched. I spoke when I stood as Police and Crime Commissioner in 2016 about the need to support officers and ensure that they take rest days. I welcome the assurances I got from the new Chief Constable to work with the Police Federation to support his officers.

I am very proud to be part of a council who have invested in new community support officers and welcome plans to help them to do their jobs more effectively. However, it shouldn’t be up to local councils to pick up the slack. Funding for policing needs to come from central government and this is where the Tory government has really let people down.

The PFCC has increased his proportion of the council tax but this will only fund an extra 150 more officers. A long way off the 648 that we have lost. In Harlow we must have a visible police presence in the Town centre again and keep the people of our town safe.

Chris Vince
Cllr for Little Parndon

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1 Comment for Letter to Editor: Time to invest in policing in Harlow:

2018-07-28 06:22:03

Really, blame anyone but........................... I wonder how many more police officers could be paid for, if, we weren't paying extortionate amounts of interest on the PFI agreement signed up by Bliar and Brown. I should think that the cost and losses in the Gulf War, signed up for by Bliar, would also have provided masses more funding for our economy. Momentum and Labour, don't do truth. Ever.

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