Harlow Labour campaign for more police in Town Centre

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SHOPPERS and Shopkeepers alike in Harlow’s town centre are becoming increasingly frustrated about the lack of a police presence in the town and are calling for increased police patrols says the leader of Harlow Council.

Council leader Mark Ingall said: “sSme shopkeepers report that their trade is being affected by small groups who may be dealing illegal substances and that these groups are contemptuous of efforts to curb their antisocial and criminal activities.

“Harlow Council will do what it can to ensure that nowhere in Harlow becomes a no-go zone and that shoppers can feel confident to use all the areas of the town safely.

“We will target Community Safety Officers on the known trouble spots and we are seeking support from the security teams in the Harvey Centre and Water Gardens. However what is being reported is criminal activity and as such it is the responsibility of the the Police to deal with it. Cuts to front line Police Officer numbers of over 600 in Essex means that the thin blue line is over-stretched.

“I shall be meeting the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner next week and I shall be reminding him that the Government promised no cuts to front line policing. Harlow needs a greater Police presence immediately, before the situation gets out of hand, and it needs more policing into the future so that problems like this do not arise again.”

Councillor Ingall also urged, “Anyone that witnesses criminal activity, don’t approach the perpetrators, but please call it in to the Police as soon as possible, using 101 for non urgent crimes, but 999 if violence or other criminal activity requires an urgent response.”

Councillor Chris Vince, Harlow’s representative on the Police and Crime Panel said: “I understand that the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner has plans to recruit 150 new officers, but this fails to address the shortfall caused by the cuts already made, especially as we are hearing only four of these new officers will be stationed in Harlow.”

A petition calling for more policing in the Town Centre raised over 300 signatures in two hours this Saturday.

YH spoke to Toddbrook councillor, Tony Edwards, who has been spearheading the petition for more police.

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17 Comments for Harlow Labour campaign for more police in Town Centre:

2018-07-30 15:26:58

A great cause and many many people agreed on Saturday, the response in fact was overwhelming. Never see Tories doing this do you. I guess their budget only stretches to paid help at election time. They can't find anyone with enough passion to do it for free.

2018-07-30 16:13:53

Concealed CCTV is the answer. Ferals don't really like it. Much cheaper and very effective if it's also linked in to Harlow Police.

2018-07-30 16:26:48

Look at that, the Tories are commenting. Shame you never actually see them out in daylight though. But then paid help is expensive I'm told. CCTV is only good after the event, the savage police cuts by central government have gutted the police force in this country and then Bandwagon Bob wonders why crime goes up! A deterrent is needed, not film that is only good when the crime has been committed. Typical Tory attitude, they know the price of everything and the value of nothing. What a shambles they are.

2018-07-30 18:49:32

Police numbers are not the whole story here. Maybe making better use of the availability of officers to deal with offenders, then if backed up by our court system people were actually given meaningful sentenced that work as a deterrent rather than the trendy slap on the wrist and counselling, also Parents must take ownership and responsibility for their child's actions & behaviour.

2018-07-30 19:18:17

Dirty Harry didn't call himself Dirty Harry. Maverick is something someone else calls you, not what you call yourself. Tories passing the buck as usual, do you ever take responsibility for anything? Crime was at historic lows when the Tories got in 8 years ago so, using this as a handy excuse in their decades long jihad against the public sector, they decided to drastically cut the police and impose a public sector pay cut to make the police service a less attractive option. Now they wonder why crime has increased! You people really have no shame, along with no plan, no guts and no clue as to what the general public needs. Petition s(ain't) Theresa to call an election to put you all out of your and our misery.

2018-07-30 19:22:00

While you're here, "Maverick", following the Harlow Tory Party's decision to select Peter Lamb even after he likened Islam to alcoholism, can we now assume that racism and Islamophobia is the official policy of the local party? Your public and voters need to know.

2018-07-30 20:06:32

Racism from either side of the political spectrum is never acceptable. However there was no equivalence between antisemitism and Islamophobia. The former was a deranged demonisation of a people; the latter is used to shut down debate mainly by the hard left. Tell me JFQ where do you stand on the issues of FGM, Non Stun Slaughter of animals in the name of religion, Grooming Gangs of mainly Asian men targeting White girls, Labour MP telling white girls to "Shut Their Mouths for the sake of "Diversity" or Radical Islamists blowing up woman and children at pop concerts.

2018-07-31 04:50:45

Well there you have it. Someone blaming an entire group of people for the actions of a few. One could say that is the very definition of racism. You're Mark Gough, right? Maybe you should put this on your next leaflet. I'd be interested to know how many Muslim people you actually know. I bet it isn't many. And that wouldn't surprise me at all because it's fear of the unknown that you people thrive on and spread like a disease in our country.

2018-07-31 05:35:21

I bet in the 80s you tarred all Irish people with the same brush because of the IRA too right? The criminal actions of a minority are always a convenient excuse for people like you to sow division and hatred for the many because you have nothing else. Always blaming someone else for your own problems instead of facing up to them yourself.

2018-07-31 06:37:40

Told you Maverick, momentuum fanatic and all round nasty. Now, about the goings on in Harlow. CCTV, catch them, and if they live at home or with Mum, evict them, perfect solution if parents fail to keep their children under control. We can now see how stupid jerryforqueenreally, is by his comment about CCTV. Usual with him just to trap on without thinking. Fanaticism does this to people because they can't see through the mist of hatred. " CCTV is only good after the event ". So we must assume that our police only arrest the criminals before the event or, how do they catch them, and when ? How many times do we read or hear from our police, " if you have seen this or that crime, please call us on .......". Hoist by his own petard, methinks. Now, we wait and see how this fanatic tries to wriggle.

2018-07-31 07:24:58

Debate with me. Put up or shut up.

2018-07-31 14:22:59

Still waiting for your views on the above JFQ

2018-07-31 15:01:39

I'll answer Maverick. The only reason for all the deafening silence from the so called Humanitarian Marxists is, THE VOTE. In voting terms; Jewish votes V Muslim votes, that's what it's all about, just like, the Hokey Cokey, Left sides in and your Right sides out. He wont answer you because he's sulking about his earlier, momentus clanger. TTFN.

tony edwards
2018-07-31 16:55:33

I find this "debate" somewhat disheartening - can we get back to the original subject of the Your Harlow article which was about the serious problems businesses and customers are experiencing at the Market Square and Adams House End of the Town Centre. Where they are witnessing on a daily basis unruly, intimidating and at times seriously violent behaviour. Which from reports is drugs related. And where there is a need for a visible Police and active Police presence to address the issues. If you don't believe me then I suggest you go and ask the shopkeepers in the row of shops adjacent to Adams House. I would hope that a call for increased Policing in the area is something we could all actively actively support.

2018-07-31 17:19:59

Well said Tony Edwards

2018-07-31 21:50:00

No, this Maverick is Mark Gough. I was a Medical Rep in East London for ten years, and am working there now fundraising for a hospice, so I know lots of Muslims. Some I would include in my best friends actually. Of course this has nothing to do with policing which is the subject of this debate as Tony says!

2018-07-31 22:00:30

The problems with policing don't start and finish with funding. Labour artificially created more uniforms by creating PCSOs, which while they have their place, don't have the powers of full time officers. We also have a massive problem in Essex that we lose officers to the Met where they get paid more due to London weighting. They also spend too long doing paperwork, most of which was created under Labour Home Secretaries! I certainly don't approve of a lack of community policing, shutting police stations, wasting money on an expensive new building in Chelmsford or the joke that are Police & Crime Commissioners that have occurred under this Government either. The Electorate's number one concern is getting Police back out on the beat preventing Crime - it needs to be the number one concern of all sensible politicians too!

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