Harlow Council outlines Brexit Impact plan

News / Sat 4th Aug 2018 pm31 02:50pm

LAST week, Sky News, via a number of Freedom of Information requests, asked councils across the land to detail their Brexit Impact Studies.

Dover Council expressed grave concerns about log-jammed traffic on the M20. Another port area, Pembrokeshire had a detailed document with nineteen ways Brexit could affect their area. Bristol makes reference to social unrest.

So, we asked Harlow Council for an overview. They duly responded.

A spokesperson said: “Although Harlow has not prepared a specific report analysing the impact of Brexit, we are of course well aware of the uncertainty created by the lengthy Brexit negotiations. Although, as a District Council, direct responsibility for the areas you refer to lie predominantly with Central government, County/Unitary authorities, the NHS and the Police, we work closely with all of these partners for the benefit of Harlow and have ensured that our financial planning includes a healthy reserve set at well above the recommended minimum to ensure we are protected from the possibility of turbulent times ahead.

“We are aware from Cllr Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader Essex County Council, and the Local Government Association Spokesperson on Brexit and Chairman of the East of England Europe and International Panel, that:

‘Essex County Council (ECC) has been monitoring the risks and opportunities facing Essex, and is already working with the LGA and County Council Network (CCN) to lobby Government. On top of that, ECC is undertaking research to define the priorities of a local authority driven UK growth programme, which would replace EU funding after 2020.’

“Specifically in relation to Harlow, as a community leader, the Council is concerned with the welfare of those who live in the District, visit or do business here.

“The Council is ensuring it promotes equality of opportunity and this is reflected in how we provide services and make decisions. Our Community Safety Team works closely with partners to help build a culture where different views are expressed respectfully and extreme consequences of ‘social unrest’ are mitigated.

“We have recognised the potential risk of Brexit in our business planning and we are monitoring the evolving situation but there is insufficient clear information at present to make further detailed planning to mitigate unknown impacts upon our services worthwhile. However ensuring that the financial standing of the Council, in terms of prudent management and increased reserves, will of course help us to better meet any challenges ahead.”

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13 Comments for Harlow Council outlines Brexit Impact plan:

2018-08-04 15:21:33

Nice propaganda blurb, it means nothing. They should be planning for positivity, for when we desert this dogmatic and thieving Leftist group, across the ENGLISH CHANNEL. Cannot come soon enough.

2018-08-04 17:04:27

Well if all you've got to hang onto is naming water (which has been on this planet for billions of years) after a country (which has been named for a couple of thousand years), you've got problems. But then reading all your previous dirge, it's all about keeping the foreigners out for you isn't it. Well, we're already here and we ain't going home. Because this is our home.

2018-08-04 17:48:27

Hear hear Micky.

2018-08-04 18:08:40

Yeah you have to say things twice to Micky because of his hearing. Age, you see.

2018-08-04 20:12:38

I seem to recall Harlow residents voted almost 70% to leave the EU. Best to respect the views of the majority after all we do live in a democracy.

2018-08-04 21:25:20

Oh bless. You think in a democracy people only vote once!

2018-08-05 04:55:51

Ah, I think I get it. jerryforqueen thinks that as a foreigner, he's entitled to special treatment, which he probably already gets, you know, our benefits system is among the best out there. So,as his tiny mind works, he probably also thinks that his benefits will be stopped if we start running our own affairs, once we're out of the European cesspit. And,as usual, no comment on the subject, just the same old boring drivel and nonsense. Funny comment to make," you think that in a Democracy people only vote once". Does he mean that he knows people who double up during election times and vote more than once ? Very popular in Tower Hamlets, Bradford and other parts of the UK

2018-08-05 06:45:13

Mention the f word (foreigner) and Micky's old poisonous prejudices come pouring out, as we see here. Doesn't take much does it. Shows precisely what kind of person he is when it takes little or no prodding like that. Have you ever voted in more than one election? Yes you have. Ergo, you've voted more than once. That's democracy, darling.

2018-08-05 07:34:19

The big man's at it again, with his old wrinkly fingers on his keyboard waiting for his meds to kick in. Such a brave man isn't he. Insulting people from the cloak of anonymity. But readers, fear not. I know who he is. And I know why he doesn't want to debate with me. Ever feel like you're being watched, "Micky"...

2018-08-05 09:33:11

You can lust after me jerry for queen, but you'll never meet me. Mocking anonymous people ? Help is required for jfq.

2018-08-05 10:36:45

Nobody lusts after you, Micky. We can all tell that by your disgusting comments in article that feature women.

2018-08-06 12:10:10

Actually jfq's most telling comment here is "you think in a democracy people only vote once"!!! Supporting vote rigging now are we?

2018-08-07 11:19:56

I voted in the 1997, 2001, 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2017 general elections and much more besides. One at each. Ergo, I've voted more than once...

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