Paddling pool petition to be debated at Harlow Council meeting

News / Fri 10th Aug 2018 am31 07:54am

HARLOW Council is set to debate whether the paddling pool in Harlow Town Park should be replaced.

This comes after a petition gained well over a 1,000 signatures.

Many feel that the paddling pool at the heart of the town centre is fine as it is.

The debate should take place on Thursday September 20th, 2018 at 7.30pm in the Water Gardens.


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10 Comments for Paddling pool petition to be debated at Harlow Council meeting:

2018-08-10 08:38:36

Will those elected by the people to serve the people actually listen to residents concerns or do what they like.

2018-08-10 09:46:25

It's that Harvey woman again, change for change sake, nothing to do what local residents need, or want. What-ever happened to the de-filibrator project that she was 'organising' ? The mantra of the old REDS, "we know what's best for you".

m ingall
2018-08-10 12:24:12

Micky, the proposal was brought to cabinet by me, not Cllr Harvey. It was agreed unanimously by both Labour and Conservatives. Both of these facts are available for checking on the recording of the Cabinet meeting. The issue with retaining the paddling pools as they need about £500,000 of renovation just to keep them safe over the next two years and then we are left with paddling pools made from concrete that is deteriorating, on clay soil that is subject to subsidence problems, so within a very few years there will be further huge maintenance costs. That is why all the parties in the Council, red and blue, voted to upgrade the facilities to splash parks. However we will listen to the petitioners and take their opinions seriously.

m ingall
2018-08-10 14:59:08

For the sake of accuracy, where I said "all the parties in the Council, red and blue, voted to upgrade the facilities to splash pools" I should have said "all the parties in the Council, red and blue, voiced their support to upgrade the facilities to splash pools."

2018-08-11 14:04:24

September the 20th. Listen to the people who took the time and trouble to go and sign the petition, and get on with it. They want it now, probably something to do with the weather. Quick word with our very own HTS, who, by far, are streets ahead of Kier and their subbies, who I'm sure could have the restoration done in, eine augenblick.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-08-11 16:10:24

Almost 1500 petitioners is a significant number. It would be interesting to know how many of them are actually from Harlow ... I am sure that it will be the greater number, but it won't be all. ... Interesting also to establish how many signatories are looking to save the pool for paddling in when it's full, and how many for skating/bmxing in it when it's empty. The dilapidation which Mark Ingall speaks of is not a problem for Skaters/BMXers etc., who have ridden far worse terrain for decades. I firmly believe that the splash pools would be very popular. Would they prefer a part of the £500k spend on renovation spent improved skate park facilities, or do they demand a paddling pool for the small kids regardless of self interest? With a £750k-£1m price-tag for splash pools, and £500k plus ongoing costs to refurbish paddling pools, this is an issue which has to be got right, and the Leader of the Council is absolutely right to revisit this issue to ensure that a consensus remains after the public debates. Without any position becoming entrenched and immutable, common sense must also play a part in the debate. If the pools operated as is, over 10 years, at an average of 50 days operation per year (overestimate I believe), each pool will have cost £1000 PER DAY (plus lifeguarding costs. Splash pools could operate over 100 days per year, meaning much lower 'per day' costs, and critically, many more days of facility provision (fun) for Harlow children. Of course the petition is to retain only one, the Town Park paddling pool. However due to its size relative to others, its share of refurbishment costs will certainly be more than 1/5th of the £500k, meaning the figures over 10 years would be significantly in excess of £1000 per day to operate. It would literally cost the Council less money, (our money) to fund the first 300 child tickets each day of the summer holidays, for the leisurezone swimming pool, than repair the paddling pool. I believe that smaller children would largely show a preference for splash pools, and that amongst some slightly older age groups a possible preference for immersion, and 'almost swimming' would become apparent as they got older, but I question the cost for what would be a relatively small number better suited by the deeper water option. Also having an expansive body of water deep enough to drown in, nowadays, will soon mean that the Council will need to fence in the whole pool as legislation is tightened. Further costs for fencing, maintaining fencing, locking site daily etc ... Personally I would suggest the skaters be up front with their objectives and lobby that the Town Park pool be adapted to BETTER suit skating etc., maybe with some parkour structures around one side, and a space adjacent be used to build a new splash pool for the future generation.

2018-08-12 05:41:13

One of your side lines BH ? What's with all this hip hop obsession, can't be for a middle aged man, and do we really need that sort of gathering in a PARK area.No riding of bikes,scooters or propelled machines eh? Very much a minority past time. Sledge hammers and nuts again.

2018-08-12 06:18:34

Brett Hawksbee, Your claim that the splash pools would get twice the amount of use in days is flawed. The fun in a splash pool lasts about 30 minutes for kids and then they are board. Paddling pools are often enjoyed for far longer periods often being a day out with a picnic. I know many families that enjoy the towns paddling pools in this manor. I there for feel that the usage would be far less. Even more so if you take into account the Skating and BMXing.

2018-08-13 15:47:18

As is often the case in posts on this site, many I thinks and in my view etc. I would have hoped that some market research would have been carried out by Harlow Council (but I won't hold my breath in view of what they do or don't do elsewhere) by going for example to the splash pool at Maldon to talk to parents and children about how often, how long and and what equipment they use. Every time I have been past it, it is rammed with parents and children and by having lots of different equipment they seem to keep children of different ages entertained for hours.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-08-20 10:36:51

Oh dear! Logic4u ... With your sock-puppet name, you really should realise that logic is a very precise and formal scientific method. It doesn't work on the basis that you decide all kids are 'board' [bored] in 30 minutes of splash pool activity! And such an assertion, even if it were backed up by statistical evidence, has absolutely no bearing on what I said previously. Splash pools can operate without costly lifeguards. they can operate for in excess of 100 days per year. If the weather is good, Spring, Summer or Autumn, they can be set to switch on or off on a timer Paddling pools rely on a number of staff employed on a short term contract basis, and are not as flexible therefore. In the great weather before this school holiday period, splash pools could have been operating. Paddling pools could not have. Paddling pools are open averagely less than 50 days ... therefore as I stated, they can be open perhaps more than twice as many days. I made no claim about the extent of use, which would no doubt vary with the weather. It remains true that 100 days is twice 50 days, in all places, at all times. There is absolutely nothing questionable about this assertion. And the splash pools can be used twice as many days as the paddling pools, whatever the level of use. What I did claim was that on the (generous) 50 day basis, it would be cheaper to fund free tickets for 300 visitors each of those days to the leisurezone pool, than to repair our existing paddling pools. (I suspect that if the leisurezone could well be prepared to offer a reduced rate, supporting the possibility of 400-500 'free' tickets, if they were able to expect that number each day for 50 days per year, but that is a side issue.) Regarding 'picnics', I really wish Your Harlow had 'Crying out loud laughing' emoji. You have an interest in logic allegedly? What is it about a paddling pool visit which can be extended with a picnic, which is not also true of a splash park visit? If your errors were intentional, the level of humour in your posts would be borderline genius. .

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