Labour’s parliamentary candidate slams rail fare increase

News / Wed 15th Aug 2018 at 05:26pm

LABOUR’S Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow and the Villages, has condemned the confirmation of the 3.2% train fares increase.

Laura McAlpine said: “The Government’s chaotic negligence of Britain’s railways are a total insult to passengers up and down the country.

“Passengers with a season ticket travelling from Harlow to London Liverpool Street have faced an increase of nearly £1000 since 2010. That’s a huge 36% – three times higher than the average rise in wages.

“Last year The BBC reported that the most expensive annual season ticket per mile travelled is Harlow Town to London Liverpool Street. It’s a disgrace that the people of Harlow and the Villages are being ripped off in this way and I am astounded that Robert Halfon is not out there campaigning for cheaper fares for his constituents.”

According to the organisation ‘We Own It’, 76% of the public want the railways to be in public ownership while only three in ten people trust the rail industry. Most of us believe the railways should be accountable to taxpayers rather than shareholders.

If our railway was run in public ownership, we’d save £1.2 billion a year, enough to fund an 18% cut in rail fares. Many of our train companies are publicly owned, but by other European countries, who make millions of pounds a year in dividends from their British operations. For example, Arriva is owned by German national rail company Deutsche Bahn and Abellio (who run the train services form Harlow to Liverpool Street) is owned by the Dutch.

Labour will take back control of our railways by bringing them into public ownership so they are run in the interests of passengers, not private profit.

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9 Comments for Labour’s parliamentary candidate slams rail fare increase:

2018-08-16 05:46:13

Hasn't the whole country condemned the shambles that's going on. It would have been more newsworthy if she had agreed with the rail groups. Why do these wanna be's always have to stage these comments? It's becoming ridiculous and boring. If anybody remembers the old B R, they would never opt for state run railways, complete and total chaos orchestrated by the unions, for the benefit of it's members.

2018-08-16 15:07:29

Just to put things in perspective, obviously the Marxists keep quiet on this. Driving a train is un-skilled labour, so, how do they manage to earn a basic, £63.000 pa, for a four day week. With overtime, they can bump it up to £75.000. The last full year before privatisation, 1994/1995, taxpayers subsidised the railways to the tune of, £1.7 billion.In to-days prices. In 2016/2017 it's a whopping, £4.2 billion. What's Laura Mac suggesting that can top this. Smoke and mirrors yet again. Are the rail boys happy ? And yet, they still walk out whenever they feel like it,claiming conditions don't suit.

2018-08-17 08:29:24

Her party supported uncontrolled immigration which means all services are over stretched including the rail network. This also resulted in stagnation of wages meaning commuters feel the fare increases harder. Her party also remains silent when the rail unions come out on strike, and she has the neck to bang her opportunist drum.

2018-08-17 09:08:31

Spot on again carra. As usual, the Marxist Momentum brigade take the public for fools. You would think that they have their quota with CORBYNSKI.

2018-08-18 06:01:34

Is she going to slam the rail unions for another strike to-day. Perfect timing to mess up travellers week-end plans. I do believe that she is devoted follower of Momentum, and that anything goes in their murky world

2018-08-20 13:18:47

Perhaps Laura can enlighten us as to why Labour Governments under Messrs Blair and Brown didn't take back railways into public ownership?

2018-08-20 16:35:08

No postings from the momentumites lately. Perhaps central office have told them to pipe down with their ridiculous comments and insults.

2018-08-21 08:36:05

Tory and Labour governments have got us where we are today! Time for a change! Putting a Barbie doll as your candidate isn't going to work either.

2018-08-25 05:26:51

Just seen a news headline, "rail unions have called strikes for the next six Saturdays ", so much for the unions, if ever Labour gets back in power, heaven help the country. We'll be carted back to the sixties and seventies. What does Laura Mac think about this ?

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