Harlow Carnival – bigger and better even though it was wetter

News / Tue 28th Aug 2018 at 12:31pm

Harlow Carnival – bigger and better even though it was wetter

It’s only been two days since the Harlow Carnival was held but plans are already been made for next year’s event.

Here is the reaction to Sunday’s event from the Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Mark Ingall and local resident Glynis Grove whose family were given VIP status on Sunday.

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “The Carnival was another great day for celebrating Harlow. Around 1,000 people took part in the parade from 40 different organisations and many residents, including my own family, lined the streets to cheer the parade on, creating a party atmosphere even when the rain turned our Carnival flags into papier-maché. The Carnival created many positive memories for those who took part or watched the parade – like the family of Glynis, daughter of the first ever Harlow Carnival Queen, who had an emotional and very proud day.

“In true Harlow spirit, the rain didn’t dampen people’s spirits and we have received lots of positive feedback. We want that feedback to continue coming back to us as we start preparing for next year’s Carnival. We want the Carnival to get better every time and it is one of many Community events we want to give back to residents and local groups every year. I would like to thank all the Council staff who were involved, the people who gave up their time to run the event on the day and all those people who took part in the parade and enjoyed themselves. It showed what Harlow is about and promoted our sense of community and togetherness.”

The carnival was a special day for the family of Harlow’s first ever Carnival Queen from 1951, Maureen Earl.

Maureen’s daughter, Glynis Grove, said: “It was a wonderful day with plentiful memories made for my daughter and grandchildren, even the rain was fun (of sorts)! My grandchildren loved the Pearlie King, Queen and Prince. We were made so welcome by everyone.

“It was a very special day for me and a great honour to be invited by my town (Harlow) to represent my mother. I shall remember it forever. I want to thank all the Harlow Council employees for all their hard work on making it a wonderful day despite the rain. I was overjoyed to see so many of my friends and relatives out to cheer us along.

“Thank you Harlow for such a wonderful and memorable day in memory of Harlow New Town’s first carnival queen. We are blessed to have such a community spirit in Harlow.”

Izzy (Glynis’ daughter, granddaughter to Maureen) said: “It was a bit emotional to remember Gran (Maureen) on Sunday but it felt like we were able to share in a part of her history. She told me the story of her being crowned beauty queen so many times as a child and she was so proud of her title. Now I feel like we added a new chapter to that story. ”

Samuel said: “I liked being high up on the bus.” and Eden said immediately following the event “I love being a Princess.”

Any groups or organisations who would like to take part in next year’s carnival can register their interest by emailing [email protected]

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1 Comment for Harlow Carnival – bigger and better even though it was wetter:

Brett Hawksbee
2018-08-28 14:07:23

The weather really did play its part in disrupting Harlow Carnival. As Mark Ingall says, it was a fantastic success especially given the conditions. I do not doubt that next year will be bigger and better. We can only hope it will be enjoyed in the sunshine. With Carnival, with Linkfest aspiring to develop along the lines of the old 'Harlow Town Show', and with HTS soon to start building houses for council rents, we only need the free concerts in the town park back, and we can believe we are 'Making Harlow Great Again'.

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