Major planning and housing issues to be debated at Harlow Council Cabinet

Politics / Wed 12th Sep 2018 at 09:22am

A NUMBER of major issues are set to be debated at Harlow Council’s Cabinet on Thursday night.

The cabinet consists of the ruling Labour group fielding questions from the Tory opposition.

With issues such as the Local Development Plan which involves the major housing proposals within Harlow and on its borders may well spark major debate.

The meeting takes place at the Civic Offices, Water Gardens at 7.30pm on Thursday September 13th.

The agenda is below.


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4 Comments for Major planning and housing issues to be debated at Harlow Council Cabinet:

2018-09-12 13:57:17

The "keep things from the public at all costs" attitude at Harlow Council continues abated. 1 You would have hoped that all those who took the trouble to respond to the consultation would have had their response acknowledged and subsequently advised of when the subject was to be discussed again, but they have not. 2 In general terms two thirds of those responding had objections to the Plan but they have all but been dismissed. 3 In the housing section, there is no mention of the fact that the Harlow Alliance Party submitted a petition with 383 names objecting to eight housing sites, but wrongly says that three sites were objected to, but dismisses these objections saying the sites met the criteria used, without saying what that criteria is. 4 A clear criticism of the plan is that no evidence is provided that building thousands of homes in and around Harlow will regenerate the town (whatever that means for us already here). Another post on this website reports that most homes are being bought by people moving from London, just adding to the strain on public services and the roads. The plan does nothing to address these concerns.

2018-09-14 11:41:32

The exodus continues then, I wonder why. They never divulge anything,tenpin. Wouldn't surprise me if they started to ban the general public from their meetings.

2018-09-14 12:35:58

It gets worse Micky. I rang the Council yesterday to discuss an omission in the report. It did not mention the fact that 383 people had signed a petition to exclude 8 sites from future building plans but did say, wrongly, that just 3 sites had been asked by residents to be removed from the list. I was told this was a typing/clerical type error and following my earlier call had been added. Just so happens to be one of the most important aspects coming out of the consultation process. Co-incidence? I think not. Later in the report is a list of those groups that were met face to face. Just 4 groups and one of them was ECC .... so much for the efforts of Harlow Council to involve residents.

2018-09-14 14:41:23

Maybe, Brown envelopes and gifts being given out again to our Labour Council and Local MP to ensure plans go ahead. Hence the smoke and mirrors.

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