Harlow Labour unveil candidates for local elections in 2019

Politics / Mon 17th Sep 2018 at 11:45am

HAROW Labour has unveiled their candidates for the May local elections in 2019.

Bush Fair councillor Ian Beckett has been de-selected. Toddbrook councillor Karen Clempner and Netteswell councillor Edna Steven are standing down.

Wards and Candidates

Little Parndon & Hare St: Jean Clark

Toddbrook: Frances Mason

Netteswell: Shannon Jezzard

Harlow Common: Mark Wilkinson

Mark Hall: Bob Davis

Bush Fair: Jodi Dunne

Staple Tye: John Strachan

Great Parndon: Allan Jolley

Sumners & Kingsmoor: Jake Payne

Old Harlow: TBC

Church Langley: Colin Monehen

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour unveil candidates for local elections in 2019:

2018-09-17 11:59:15

Deserting the sinking ship eh ? Can't say that I blame you. It would be nice if the candidates here, would try and appear a little bit smarter.

2018-09-17 13:58:12

The Rogues Gallery! Looks more like crime watch than Baywatch. Scruffy bunch of vagabonds.

2018-09-17 16:41:55

Regardless of looks, what is worrying is the lurch of Harlow Council towards the Hard Left and Momentum gaining a grip on Harlow Council, residents need to be made aware of how respected and passionate councillors who have work hard for the town are being forced out by a dangerous ideology.

Jake Shepherd
2018-09-17 20:18:29

I haven't been very active in local politics due to it being the final year of my BSc (Hons) degree... But let me be very clear, remarks like 'vagabond' and personal attacks on the appearance of candidates (from any party) remains unacceptable. Speaking as a previous candidate, it is a privilege to be democratically selected by those you campaign alongside and look up to within the local party, it is one which each of our candidates should count as an achievement. I am appalled, honestly. Whilst I don't know who each of you are, despite plenty of dealings with some of you via these comment sections, should it turn out that any of you are current Harlow Councillors, I sincerely hope that you treat the individuals you've insulted with more respect, especially when they are duly elected as Councillors.

Jake Shepherd
2018-09-17 20:29:49

Finally, whilst researching about my hometown has been a real pleasure, and a source of immense pride, your behaviour and your decision to judge individuals on nothing more than their appearance has genuinely shocked me. "In Common Endeavour" is the motto beneath our town's armorial bearings, reminding us that regardless of political party, all candidates seek election to our District Council on the basis that they want to work for a better Harlow, regardless of disagreement on how best to achieve that. Your comments were demeaning, insulting and beneath yourself. There's still room within this comments thread for you each to apologise, should you wish to take the opportunity.

2018-09-18 06:10:14

These individuals, as you call them J S, for the most part, don't seem to care how they present themselves to the general public, scruffy out-look = scruffy mind. I expect any individual representing me to,have the courtesy to appear as though they have some degree of respect for the people that they wish to represent. That means being well presented, not looking like they've been dragged through a hedge. I suggest you pay more attention to the goings on by the Marxists in your group. Labour is under a real threat.

2018-09-21 09:59:56

'especially when they are duly elected as Councillors.' I hope some of them duly go shopping then and start looking the part. Doesn't mean top hat and tails or even no jeans. But they really do need to smarten up a bit.

2018-09-22 06:09:49

Nothing to say about your local do gooder for Marxism, J S ? Your man Hawksbee, has dropped himself completely in it, showing his true feelings about British Jewry Let us have a few comments, from your stack of schoolboy phrases, as to your assessment of the situation, please. How many more like him are hiding away beneath a cloak of respectability ?

2018-09-27 19:44:42

One question to the two remaining Cllr's of Bush Fair if you are both visible where the hell are you then? There are youngsters causing anti social behaviour in the shopping area of Bush Fair and the local businesses are suffering because of this. Last night I was going home and they were in spitting distance of Cllr Ingalls house. In my day if you wasn't indoors by a certain time your parents came out and got you got grounded or worse than that a wallop. So don't give me that these Labour Cllr's work hard for their wards, because you never see them, is Cllr Harvey afraid of getting her shoes dirty? As for Cllr Ingall are you in hiding? So much for being here for the locals you are only in it for yourselves, you don't care about the people that elected you in, I wasn't one of them, at least when the former UKIP Councillor was serving Bush Fair, at least Bush Fair was clean and he cared and he was smartly dressed too. He fought hard for those that elected him and those that didn't. So the next time you Labour activists say you are visible and are active around Harlow I know you are talking out of your hats. It's a metaphor, or do you want me to put it bluntly?

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