Spiralling success for Harlow Gymnastics Club

Sport / Mon 17th Sep 2018 at 10:20am

Spiral Rocks 21st July 2018

GYMNASTS from Harlow Gymnastics Club shone at the Spiral Rocks competition and brought home a haul of 80 medals. The open competition, held in Peterborough, hosted by Spirals Gymnastic Club, has the sapphire event as the highest level, followed by ruby, topaz, jade and amethyst. The gymnasts all competed on asymmetric bars, floor, vault and beam.

Competing in the age 10 sapphire challenge, Summer Dolan was presented with 3 medals. Kacey Butler and Shannah Stacey received a total of 3 medals for the age 11-12 event. In the age 14-18 event, Amy Gosden, Halle Andrews-Clark, Larni Shulton, Olivia Collier and Taylah Andrews-Clark picked up an amazing 12 medals.

A further 20 medals for HGC were presented in the ruby challenge events. In the age 9 event, Amy Abery, Grace Hoskin and Lois Covill earned 5 medals, with a further 12 in the age 10-11 event for Aimee Cullen, Alex Gronnert, Amelia Palmer, Connie Allen, Eliza Swanepoel, Ellie Hodges, Emily Price, Honey Gillick, Isabelle McCarthy, Kira Henson, Matilda Cook, Mia Brine, Miley Bex, Ruby Barker and Skye Girolami. More joy in the age 12 and age 14 events with Elena Dumitriu, Ellie Kenway, Faye Andrews, Holly Montague and Millie Upton securing 3 more medals.

In the topaz challenges, Genna Lee won 3 medals in the age 7 event, with Grace Quick, Hermione Mellor, Milana Lawrence and Sylvie Rowe earning 10 between them in the age 8 event. For the age 9 topaz challenge, Calleigh Brownjohn, Daisy Clowes, Emily Forey, Emily Pask, Harriet Pask and Tamzin Mason were awarded 5 medals. In the age 10 event Brooke Hayzelden, Elizabeth Chung, Ellie Aimable, Ellie Senior, Kara McMahon, Lucie McIntyre, Sydni Barker and Yasmine Thong received 3 medals. In the age 12-14 challenge, Daisy Dove and Yasmin Akram won a medal each.

Seven further club medals in the Jade challenges in the age 7-8 and 9-10 events from Lola Manuel, Nina Robinson, Ophelia Gibbs, Renne Firth-Moon and Renee Stewart.

Competing in the amethyst challenge, in the age 6 event, Darcey Fallis and Olivia Palmer secured 5 medals. For the age 7 event Laura Water, Layla Clark, Lola McCart-Greaves, Milli Battelley and Millie Allen secured 5 medals and Lila Brown was awarded 2 medals in the age 8 amethyst event.

Girls squad coach Aimée Teahan said: “It was an amazing, action-packed competition. The gymnasts performed to the best of their abilities and HGC was awarded a phenomenal number of medals. We are very proud of them all”

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