Tories and Labour clash over detailed plans for building in Harlow

Politics / Mon 17th Sep 2018 am30 10:01am

PAGES 22 to 1372 of the agenda for the Harlow Council’s Cabinet meeting last week detailed the building plans to be put forward to the Planning Inspectorate.

Portfolio holder, cllr Danny Purton (Lab) made a short presentation.

This was followed by a series of questions from the Harlow Conservative group.

A thirty minute film of the proceedings can be seen below.

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3 Comments for Tories and Labour clash over detailed plans for building in Harlow:

2018-09-17 11:55:49

What a devious bunch of of councillors we have running Harlow. By body language alone, it seems that the REDS are terrified of crossing the " Fat Controller ". Listening to the squirming Purton , who, before giving an answer, was forever turning to look at his leader for approbation, and to get him out of trouble. This really is a group who will rule as they see fit, not what the locals need. The Churchgate Street question,was answered by the FC who made a point blank refusal to answer. Disgraceful.

2018-09-17 16:57:05

I understand that the plan to block off Hobbs Cross Road, the well known rat run, and general short cut for 50 tonne vehicles, not forgetting our farming traffic, has been rebuffed, on the QT, by our local constabulary. Churchgate Street, that well known haven for all sorts, we even have a Marxist councillor who chooses to live here, always returns a Tory, in any elections, it's a major target for the Momentum mob, dream on. Purton, when the question was put him, looked extremely uncomfortable for a while, until the F C shouted over him Essex cc and whatever are dealing with this. FC = fat controller .

2018-09-17 23:29:28

Four very clear points come out from this debate 1 That the level of public consultation carried out during the process of creating this plan was woeful and that the Council have learnt nothing from previous mistakes. 2 Objections to the plan were completely ignored, the only discussion that took place involved land at Jocelyns and even that was dismissed. 3 The plan has been agreed despite the lack of any agreement between the three authorities involved as to how the massive house building proposals around Harlow will actually help Harlow residents who are on the Council's waiting list. 4 There is no definite plan of what type of transport corridor will be constructed. Despite this, the Plan was agreed.

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