Athletics: Sean shows Ultra Tring is just his thing

Athletics / Tue 25th Sep 2018 am30 07:17am

HARLOW Running Club member Sean Flynn completed the 31 mile Tring Ultra Trail Race, finishing in 93rd place out of 158 finishers in an exhausting 6hrs 28min 42sec.

Meanwhile at the Hull Marathon blind runner Paul Watts, running with a guide, finished in 510th place out of 628 finishers in 4.49.23.

At the Draycote Water 20 Mile Race in Warwickshire Martyn Coulter finished in 22nd place out of 136 finishers in an excellent personal best time of 2.26.38.

At the Dam to Dam 10 Mile Race in Amsterdam Andy Kinney finished in 8869th place out of 11,151 finishers in 1.43.23.

At the Give Your Town the Run Around Hoddesdon 5 Mile race Dave Goosetree finished in 100th place out of 200 finishers in 46.36.

At the Hatfield 5K Series Race 2 of 3 John Tennant finished in 112th place out of 250 finishers in 22.02.

At Harlow parkrun Dan Chapman finished in 4th place out of 222 finishers in a superb 18.37. He was followed home by Danny McCree 3rd in 19.25, Andy Terrell 5th in 20.45, Lee Webber 6th in 20.46, Alan Broughton 7th in 21.11, Robert Scott 8th in 21.22 (PB), Sharon Wright 12th in 21.49, Catherine Ridge 16th in 22.34, Marc Witham 25th in 23.16 (PB), John Bull 26th in 23.17, Steve Warren 27th in 23.19, Martin Elven 28th in 23.21 (PB), Graham Saville 37th in 24.16, Bobby Draper 40th in 24.35, Alison Beeton 41st in 24.44, David Morley 47th in 25.37, Spencer Brooks 57th in 26.08, Robin Lozeau 64th in 26.37, Holly Davis 65th in 26.38, Debbie Barry 74th in 27.30, Kerry Mavris 86th in 28.12, Alan Cootes 95th in 28.30, Louise Cootes 96th in 28.30, Gail Nicholls 97th in 28.32, Pushpa Mistry 132nd in 31.03, Helen Barnes-Martin 135th in 31.13 (PB), Alison Bull 137th in 31.36, Debbie Cooper 145th in 32.07, Gemma Crozier 146th in 32.11 (PB), Sandra Webber 152nd in 32.32, Andy Kitson 202nd in 40.23 and Karen Kitson 203rd in 40.57.

At Roding Valley parkrun Martin Westley finished in 2nd place out of 129 finishers in 18.34, Vanessa Bull was 56th in 26.14, Dean Bull 72nd in 28.18 and Liz Roberts 75th in 28.52.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 21st place out of 319 finishers in 18.47 (PB), Paul Schroder was 61st in 21.14 and Wendy Schroder 146th in 25.20.

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Andrew Smith finished in 37th place out of 161 finishers in 25.14.

At Sheffield Hallam parkrun Paul Dixon finished in 218th place out of 555 finishers in 25.32.

At Chelmsford parkrun Martin McColgan finished in 262nd place out of 715 finishers in 26.09.

At Slough parkrun Alan Wellbelove finished in 180th place out of 553 finishers in 26.36.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Julie Bradley finished in 222nd place out of 348 finishers in 30.32 (PB), Brenda Clayton was 223rd in 30.39, Peter Mills 248th in 32.14, Joanne Mills 287th in 35.35 and Teresa Stickland 309th in 38.06.

At Great Yarmouth parkrun Terasa Holden finished in 282nd place out of 360 finishers in 33.00.

At Royston parkrun Helen Brunton finished in 300th place out of 333 finishers in 38.02.

At the Serpentine 1 Mile Swim Gail Nicholls finished in 282nd place out of 1965 finishers in 30.40.

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