Harlow’s first time delegate reflects on Labour Party conference

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SHANNON Jezzard is the new candidate for Netteswell Ward in the May 2018 local elections. Shannon is pictured centre proudly holding a copy fo the Morning Star. Shannon’s feedback as a first time delegate is outlined below:

“With the end to this year’s Labour Party Conference, I thought it best to reflect on my time in Liverpool as a first-time delegate, representing Harlow CLP.

Although I had spoken to many people, specifically young members who had given me a general low down on their previous experience of Labour Conferences, it is difficult to know exactly what to expect until you arrive and you’re able to soak up the absolutely buzzing atmosphere. ​

From the arrival to the Conference centre, I was thrown into an amazing, yet full-on situation where Labour members from across the country, and from all ends of the spectrum were partaking in exciting and engaging debate on a huge range of issues from Brexit and Schools Systems to the Windrush Generation. ​

My first day was for the Women’s Conference – and as a young woman myself, it was so inspiring. For the first time in Labour Conference history, the Women’s Conference was able to vote through a motion to be discussed and voted upon at the main conference starting on the Sunday. It made me feel very grateful to be part of a party that works to make women’s voices heard, and from fellow female delegates, to councillors and Labour MPs it was a great space for us all to come together and debate on motions that resonate with each of us. ​

When I wasn’t on the conference floor, hearing speeches from Labour members and MP’s, I made it my mission to meet and network with other Young Labour members and delegates, especially within the East of England where I sit on the Regional Board as a Youth Representative. Meeting young members across the East really encouraged me to do everything I can to get their voices heard on the board, and I’m excited to get started on helping Young Labour members organise campaign days and events for the May 2019 elections. ​

I can’t go without mentioning the powerful and emotive speech my fellow delegate and comrade, Colin Monehen made on the Palestine composite, moved by Harlow CLP. The atmosphere on the conference floor throughout his speech was absolutely electric. He’s definitely one to watch in the Labour Party, and I truly believe he’s going to achieve great things and be instrumental in creating positive change for people in the UK and beyond. ​

Some of my favourite speeches throughout the Conference were from John McDonnell, Dawn Butler and Emily Thornberry! It was also a delight to hear from one of my personal heroes, the incredible Dennis Skinner on the final day of conference. Jeremy’s speech at the end really energised me too, and I feel super passionate about campaigning for the Labour Party and its values – for a better future for all of us. It was clear from the conference that after years of Tory austerity, Labour are the government in waiting that’s going to rebuild a Britain that works for the many and not the few.

Whilst it was an honour to go along as a delegate and vote on behalf of my CLP, I’m am already excited to head to the next Labour Party conference in Brighton next year as a visitor, so I can attend more of the fringe events and The World Transformed offerings!​”

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5 Comments for Harlow’s first time delegate reflects on Labour Party conference:

2018-09-28 16:09:45

Wow, indoctrinated or what. Don't bother to converse with the opposition as you will probably be left asking questions. Is Ms Jezzard employed or............................? Marxism, the path of the un-knowing.

2018-09-28 19:55:46

Interesting to see the new candidate for the Netteswell Ward and her friends all holding up a copy of The Morning Star. I thought I would take a look at it's history to find out where the new candidates political bed lies. The Morning Star was first published in 1966 and the Soviet Government subsidised it until 1974 and bulk orders were sent to the Soviets until 1989. As recently as 2005 the editor was quoted as saying the newspapers relationship was still with The Communist Party of Great Britain. It seems quite clear that the local Labour group have taken a massive step to the left.

2018-09-29 19:37:54

If a newspaper promotes the interests of working class people, then it is understandable if members of trades unions and the Labour Party promote it. The Morning Star is actually owned by a reader’s co-operative. The headline on the edition of the Morning Star being held up by those in the photograph refers to the Labour Party’s pledge to give victims of domestic abuse 10 days of paid leave from work. This would allow a woman or a man to get the help, protection, and support they need to leave an abusive partner safely, knowing their livelihood is secure. This seems to me to be a reasonable policy that people of good will should not find objectionable.

2018-09-30 05:49:23

What about the one dishing out the abuse ? Surely that's the priority to keep them away from their victim. Most of the abused don't appear to work, what then ?

2018-09-30 06:59:14

The Morning Star, before the revolution in the printing industry, paid the highest cash in hand wages for casual printers. Working class, you've got to be joking, most of the guys that I new were solid middle class, but helped to promote socialism. Funny old world.

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