Athletics: Westley takes off at Debden airfield

Athletics / Tue 2nd Oct 2018 am31 08:52am

HARLOW Running Club had a fantastic turnout at the Saffron Walden 5 Mile race, held at nearby Debden Airfield, with a total of 26 runners. The course was flat and the cool conditions resulted in no less than eight personal best times for the distance (PB). First home was the ever improving Martin Westley in 9th place out of 187 finishers in a PB time of 30.00. He was followed home by John Bull 37th in 35.22, Carinne Jay 40th and 2nd Female Vet 45 in 35.30, Martin Elven 42nd in 36.01 (PB), Graham Saville 44th and 3rd Vet 60 in 36.22, John Tennant 46th in 36.57, Colin Moody 52nd in 37.27, Kerry Mavris 60th in 38.17 (PB), Jim Bates 73rd in 40.10,
Alan Wellbelove 82nd in 41.01, Laura Prime 98th in 42.20, Debbie Barry 101st in 42.28, Robin Lozeau 102nd in 42.46, Vanessa Bull 103rd in 43.00 (PB), Wendy Schroder 107th in 43.22, Bill Brunton 110th in 43.44 (PB), Hannah Martin 114th in 44.15, Debbie Smith 117th in 44.30, Louise Peacock 1128th in 44.44, Tracie Cook 135th in 46.42, Helen Barnes-Martin 153rd in 49.11, Liz Roberts 154th in 49.27 (PB), Alison Bull 155th in 49.44, Linsey Pearson 156th in 49.41, Kim Wookey 161st in 60.31 and Helen Brunton 181st in 58.20.

Meanwhile at the Middlesex 10K at Victoria Park Craig Segal finished in 63rd place out of 325 finishers in a superb 36.30 (PB) and Andy Ramage was 194th in 44.23.

At Glasgow’s Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Jim Martin finished in 430th place out of 8545 finishers in 1.28.48.

At Ealing Half Marathon Jeff Mace finished in 3505th place out of 3957 finishers in 2.25.21.

At Harlow parkrun Colin Baker finished in 2nd place out of 211 finishers in 20.05, Ryan Smith was 3rd in 20.26, Lee Webber 4th in 20.38 (EQ PB), Alan Broughton 6th in 21.07, John Bull 13th in 22.27, Darren Coates 14th in 22.37 (PB), Graham Saville 33rd in 25.00, Alan Cootes 35th in 25.12, Steve Cowlin 41st in 25.49, Hazel Kurtz 47th in 26.04, Andy Terrell 50th in 26.23, Robin Lozeau 51st in 26.24, Wendy Schroder 55th in 26.39, David Morley 57th in 26.46, Debbie Barry 59th in 26.52, Laura Prime 60th in 26.55, Martin Westley 61st in 26.56, Sharon Wright 68th in 27.31, Paul Cadogan 76th in 27.48, Dean Bull 85th in 28.25, Hossein Erfani 92nd in 28.47, Martin Elven 95th in 29.01, Helen Barnes-Martin 110th in 30.25 (PB), Alison Bull 120th in 31.02, Gemma Crozier 129th in 31.47 (PB), Paula Miles 132nd in 31.56, Debbie Cooper 134th in 32.00, Debra Monk 135th in 32.02, Peter Mills 139th in 32.22, Marc Witham 145th in 32.56, Alan Wellbelove 154th in 34.04, Tracie Cook 163rd in 36.00, Sandra Webber 166th in 36.19, Andy Kitson 180th in 39.16 and Karen Kitson 188th in 41.13.

At Ware parkrun Martyn Coulter finished in 3rd place out of 63 finishers in 19.45 and Louise
Cootes was 30th in 28.02.

At Hackney Marshes parkrun Catherine Ridge finished in 49th place out of 322 finishers in 20.22 (PB) and Teresa Stickland was 239th in 28.40 (PB).

At Basildon parkrun Mark Hayward finished in 10th place out of 159 finishers in 21.58.

At Gunpowder parkrun in Waltham Abbey Bobby Draper finished in 31st place out of 163 finishers in 23.13 and Ayshea Pite was 49th in 25.18 (PB).

At Durham parkrun Paul Dixon finished in 73rd place out of 353 finishers in 23.30.

At Braintree parkrun David Page finished in 60th place out of 240 finishers in 25.35 and Janice Page was 83rd in 26.28.

At Brandon Park parkrun near Thetford Spencer Brooks finished in 61st place out of 131 finishers in 29.20.

At Billericay parkrun Julie Bradley finished in 125th place out of 278 finishers in 239.55 (PB).

At Lloyd parkrun in Croydon Alejandro Prados finished in 124th place out of 230 finishers in 29.26.

At Great Yarmouth parkrun Terasa Holden finished in 307th place out of 366 finishers in 33.52.

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