Letter to Editor: Why Anita Long is standing in Bush Fair for UKIP

Politics / Sat 6th Oct 2018 at 04:34pm

Dear Editor,

IN the ward of Bush Fair, I want to tackle anti-social behaviour as the two Labour Cllr’s don’t seem to be acting or stamping it out.

Youngsters were hanging around near to where one of the councillor’s lives and I doubt he even came out and moved them on.

Why is it that Labour class themselves as the working class party? If that’s the case why does the leader of Harlow Council and a Bush Fair councillor live in a large farmhouse and why does Cllr Harvey live out in Churchgate Street, out of the way of the people she is supposed to represent in Bush Fair and Harlow?

I, along with the rest of the UKIP Harlow team will be asking them why do they waste our hard-earned Council Tax on doing up the paddling pools and turning them into to splash pools?

Use our money wisely. Youth clubs would be a better option to reduce anti social behaviour. We don’t want over sized plant pots in the town centre, what a waste of money.

This Labour administrating party are guilty of increasing council tax year after year. The only reason they didn’t increase it this year, because the Essex Conservative County Council increased it. Tit for tat. The people of Harlow have had enough of being squeezed financially.

The residents of Harlow pay more in council tax for a two to three bedroom band C house here in Harlow compared a resident who lives in a house with same amount of bedrooms in Barnet, which is a much wealthier area than Harlow. Tell me how that is fair?.

Myself and ukip Harlow want to see visible policing but then again our Police Station is 9 to 5 pity the criminals are not, however this is country wide thanks to our existing government.

When it comes to housing it’s about time the leader of Harlow Council owned up that not all the housing goes to those on the waiting list. At least if you vote UKIP we will make sure that the genuine and loyal residents of Harlow get prioritized for the housing that is due to be built.

The Housing needs to go to the right people i.e those that have been waiting for 10 years plus. There are over four thousand people on the waiting list and this administrating party seem to be importing people from the London Boroughs.

Don’t believe what the Labour administrating party of Harlow tell you. If we the UKIP party were to gain power here in Harlow we would put the needs of the Harlow people first. We all sing from the same hymn sheet.

Love Harlow vote UKIP.

Anita Long
UKIP Harlow

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2 Comments for Letter to Editor: Why Anita Long is standing in Bush Fair for UKIP:

2018-10-06 19:59:57

Wow, what a statement. I doubt very much if a response will be forthcoming from the Marxist administration we're living under, they don't deal in facts, just bullying the councillors who have been stuck with them, to agree with the momentum plan. Good luck Anita in your quest. Vote Labour, ( Marxism ), at your PERIL.

2018-10-07 15:19:34

Some home truths in that statement, yourselves and HAP seem to be the only people who are telling it like it is and that is from a ex lifelong tory voter.

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