Bat boxes installed at Oakwood Pond

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Bat boxes installed at Oakwood Pond

SEVERAL bat boxes have been installed in the trees at Oakwood Pond.

These boxes, which are designed to house the local bat population, were made by a group of young people working with Rainbow Services (Harlow) as part of a project to get the town’s young people more involved in the local community.

Kelly Tarling, Community Builder at Rainbow Services, had this to say about the project:

“We’ve created a learning, practical, positive and community based environment, which will help prevent young people from getting involved in antisocial behaviour, disengaging from education and society, joining gangs and committing violent acts.

“We support the young people to think more positively about their future opportunities and involvement in community activity.

“We’ve recently been working with Parndon Wood Nature Reserve who donated oak for our young people to make the bat boxes installed at Oakwood Pond.

“It’s been an opportunity for them to make something of considerable value to our environment and be involved with the end result of the boxes being placed in the trees.”

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2018-10-14 13:19:31

Not a publicity seeking Momentumist, or Corbynski supporter in sight, to claim the hubris of the event, a dubious one in my book. Recent reports are suggesting, very strongly, that some bats may carry virulent forms of disease. Q.E.D.

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